What is gravity?

Here is another presentation from Wal Thornhill on the subject of gravity. The Electric Universe theory does have an appeal for me, as I have stated here before; in this presentation, the idea that gravity is a ‘byproduct’ of electric forces and not a fundamental force is discussed. :slight_smile:


Not enough for me. Totally bypasses the role of photons, sonons, extradimensionality( higher-order physics, otherwise known as “multidimensionality”).

Has it occurred to you, @WuWu, that those “physics” are made up to ensure their theories work? Show me a picture of an actual photon, sonon, etc. Einstein admitted, before he died, that he was in error. Electro-magnetic phenomena are reproducible infinitely.

For example:

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And then there is THIS from the YouBoob channel " Math Easy Solutions ":

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BTW, at about 42min on, Chris explains how sulphur eating bacteria actually produce oil- found out by accident as the bacteria starting eating the iron in the welds of stainless pipes with the sulphur, produced a hydrocarbon shell around themselves and when they die, they lose charge and become abiotic oil. Pretty interesting since people are so intent on making oil a dead dinosaur event.


O M G. This is like listening to the Austrian, Ulrike Gronogger, read one of her intriguing science reports on Solari. It is like hearing fingernails on a blackboard. Cognition goes to zero. Thee only way I can listen to this is turn off the sound and read the report myself- then it becomes a cumbersome activity. Yow-sa.

You do have the option of slowing it down or speeding it up. Jus’ sayin’.
But, yes, there is a lot to digest.

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Yeah! It,'s wonderful to finally have a good theory.


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According to Tesla…Gravity does not exist!!

“Electromagnetic levitation disproves gravity because the only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force, not gravity.”

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Tesla sounds like someone who has never had a coconut dropped on his head.

gravity is love. a double-helixed one.

“You see. I’m looking for the exception to the rule.”[6:51 in ]

Great video!