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Before we get started with this week’s blogs, I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your advice and well-wishes during last week’s latest “weather crisis”. As many of you know (some of whom were in the same predicament), I was without water for the better part of last week, and…


Something I want to say but don’t because it enrages people:

Why is the Ukraine war a stalemate?
A: because Russia is showing mercy.



Two UK Warships Crash off the Coast of Bahrain


Don’t fret, when illigals take over to hasten legal id papers,it will get better.

Start 47’ in, Sasha Latypova gives some tibits of what she sees as going on with that war.

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Russian people respond well to powerful leaders. It heps them feel relevant and feeds their collectives egos. (Years of Soviet propaganda did its job)
Putin can’t show any mercy, especially now, after two years of war. It is all in , prize is entire Ukraine, otherwise he ends up like some Tzars before him, including Lenin, Stalin, and Andropow, poisoned.

My sense is that the Russians hope to patch it up with their Slavic siblings so they are holding back on the aggression. They are also holding some weapons at bay. I don’t think they seek wanton destruction but if forces are mounted against them in UKR that threaten Russia or areas primarily inhabited by Russian speakers they will target and destroy the threat.

Maybe there is an intent to roll through and take more of Ukraine, but I do not see that as their first choice.

Maybe it’s not mercy but more hope and practicality, they don’t want to be forced to hold territory that is far from a supply line or inhabited by primarily Ukrainians.

Will the West try to bring in weapons from Odessa? Seems like that would motivate Russia to seize the port.

I also get the sense that Putin is respected by Russians. Seems like he had to balance the threat of western oligarchs and the corruption of Russian oligarchs and he is navigating fair enough for the people to tolerate the SMO.

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Neru, this interview is very interesting. Thanks for posting.

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True, that older generation of Russians are in “mass formation psychosis” a remnant of Soviet propaganda and are conditioned to glorify their leaders. Young ones, that’s different story. Internet really opened their minds and wills. There is storm brewing on that front, that’s why Putin needs quick victory.

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Having horses in the race makes you look more deeply into the problem especially by a brilliant mind. A tip of the veil that was lifted about the dark side of war, was very enlightening. So many “agenda’s” enacted without regard to life together with lots of money transfers. It stings the illusion of goodie vs baddie!

It is a tragic perversity about war: a group of people decide they want to make money by killing off some “low life” (in their eyes), and so they order the “low life” to kill and maim one another, whether by guns, injections, bombs, poisons, perversions, exclusions, narratives, etc…

I suppose what makes people into “low life” is an individual’s belief that he or she needs to take orders from these people – that there is no other way to live but by doing to other people (or animals) what these “order givers” demand.

It seems that the nature of the war of this bunch of “order givers” against the “low life” has taken on a new shape – now their multi-level orders are also maiming those who carry out their orders – people piloting planes and ships, police, doctors, soldiers, etc… – some get harmed through injections and the trans crap, and then weaken. Interesting what Sasha Latypova suggested in her interview, about the Ukraine being a training centre to train up UN thugs to replace order following people being harmed (e.g., by injections, etc.) so that these trained thugs will eventually be let loose on the populations worldwide to carry out atrocities without conscience (that people are less likely to commit on their fellow countrymen). Sinister idea… And perhaps she hit on that question about what is going on in the Navy – who knows?

Some years ago, I read Keith Akers’ book “Disciples: How Jewish Christianity Shaped Jesus and Shattered the Church”, in which Akers talked about how Jesus’ contemporary followers (the people who were closest to him) were pacifists who completely and utterly rejected war. On no account would they follow any orders to harm others. When I first read that book, there was a lot for me to unpack, in terms of starting to think about the deeper meaning of this question. It was one of those books where I started to wonder about the question of “If no one carries out the orders, then is war even at all possible?” At that time, I wasn’t even thinking as far as who is giving these orders (thanks to Dr. Farrell’s books, that question is also now in my mind). But as far as the question about actual order following, that book had me wondering about Jesus’ actual teachings, probing deeper into what that actually meant and what would a society look like that didn’t follow orders to commit violence against others?

Sasha Latypova raised that question to the surface again in that excellent interview that you posted. And she called it what it was: war by guns, war by injection – the rich order givers against the population at large, under whatever pretenses they give through their phoney narratives, but all working together to carry out these machinations against the public all over the world. And they make a huge pack of money (and the power that comes from having lots of money) doing what they do – all dependent on people following their “orders”.

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This reminds me of the navigation and location technology mysteries in Shanghai China a while back

Wait, this was about Navy.