What you need to know about what's really going on in Israel and globally

The People I’ve spoken with in Israel told me essentially the same thing as what’s contained in the first video link below. The average Jew there is under threat of death if they speak out against the theocracy being created. The idea of theocracy and rule is not just particular to Israel anymore but has been spread globally, from The USA to Russia, it’s everywhere.

Although I don’t like the guy who authored this video, I must admit he’s correct in his analysis; esp. with regard to HR Resolution 104. Simply put, Israel has hold of virtually all US lawmakers; you need to understand this. It seems oversimplified but it is simple.

To give you the meat, view mins. 20:45 to 1:09:35. He does a pretty good job in giving the info in one swat.

With regard to Israel/Gaza, there appears to be deception on both sides, IMO. When you view the Gaza hospital at about min. 1:08:45, after a major water source has been knocked out, notice how clean everyone is; not a drop of blood or even a smudge on the white coat. Everyones’ clothes, their person and the area are clean. Not a spot on them. I suspect, as in other cases I’ve viewed, people were asked to come outside and gather around for the video, with crisis actors also involved to dramatize the action. A hospital anywhere near a combat zone that’s doing real work does not look like this! These sorts of scenes are somewhat common in a lot of videos as we’ve seen from The Ukraine and other places.

The reason I’m adamant about this particular subject is because I’ve confirmed it on the ground with people I know in Israel.

I’ve included the Chuck Baldwin video too, which I have not watched yet but he has been, in the past, an ardent Zionist.

I have no way of knowing if every drop of this is true but I do believe it’s true in Israel and we know the label of ‘anti-semite’ is being slapped on anyone who dares to disagree with Israeli policy in any form. The video matches what I was told, to a tee.

You be the judge. Mins. 20:45 to 1:09:35 of 1st video.

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