When i'm feeling "neo-classical"

… when I’m feeling “neo-classical” and in the mood for some serious musical fun, or funny serious music, one of my favorite composers is Francis Poulenc. Check out these concerti, one for solo piano, and my favorite concerto for two pianos (there’s also his Harpsichord concerto for a bonus):


Lovely, Joseph.

It is said that Francis Poulenc admired one of my favorite Spanish painters! We painted adaptations of his chiaroscuro work years ago – they’re hanging now in my house. Here’s a sample of his work/art cover, Francisco de Zurbarán:

Thank you! They are great; witty and energetic! Too bad the harpsichord concerto was not recorded with better balance though. The soloist was difficult to hear, being overwhelmed by the orchestra :frowning_face:.

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Harpsichords are NOTORIOUSLY difficult to record…they’re much louder in person than in any recording… and the second problem is for some silly reason they always record on small harpsichords of about 8’,8’ 4’ (three choirs) disposition. Large (German style) harpsichords should in my opinion always be used with orchestras.


Perhaps a dedicated microphone for the soloist, then mixing properly in the sound booth would have helped?!? Anyway, it could have been worse; it could have been a clavichord :innocent:!