Whitney Webb on LAV- False flag impending-Cyber Threat Intelligence League

I found this one interesting.


Whitney Webb is on fire recently. So, another 911 next year, I wouldn’t expect anything less from TPTB, anything to cancel or falsify election.
After new false flag cyber-attack, digital IDs coming and then and only then new technologies and new sources of energy are going to be rollout.


It seems the foot is on the pedal, ready to hit the metal.
You may know, but the reason Webb was gone for a minute was her son’s health situation. He has been in hospital throughout the year, plus she dealt with an abusive relationship breakup.
So now her son is doing a little better she’s been working on/off again the past months.
I really appreciate her work so it’s nice to see she’s back.
She really does go through the material she publishes a little extra.


Thank you for posting this interview. I found it very interesting and informative. I am a fan of Whitney Webb and TLAV.

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