Who Is Mr. Global? with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

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(Video Mirror) Download the Interview MP3 audio file https://audio.solari.com/sr20211111/sr20211111_InterviewHQ.mp3 Download "Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of…


thank u very much. it was a quite integrative and inquiring dialogue of great minds. mostly ‘materialized’ my own research on ‘reality’. keep up the good work miss F and Doc!

on frank herbert and the pathless path of the eternal dunes…
just a few quotes from zen-sunnis. enjoy! :wink:

Ultimately, all things are known because you want to
believe you know. – Zensunni koan

Answers are a perilous grip on the universe. They can
appear sensible yet explain nothing. – The Zensunni Whip

Uproot your questions from their ground and the dangling roots will be seen! More questions! — Mentat Zensufi

You cannot manipulate a marionette with only one string. – The Zensunni Whip

The person who takes the banal and ordinary and illuminates it in a new way can terrify. We do not want our ideas changed. We feel threatened by such demands. “I already know the important things!” we say. Then Changer comes and throws all our old ideas away. – The ZenSufi Master

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Thank you for posting this great talk.
It is remarkable incoherence.

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