Why People WILLINGLY Give Up Their Freedoms

Aubrey Marcus and Prof. Mattias Desmet discuss a phenomenon called ‘mass formation’, a type of collective hypnosis essential for the rise of totalitarian regimes, how this psychosis takes hold and how it relates to our current situation.

Seems pretty simple to me (without having watched the video yet)…

Step 1: Get some widespread trauma, creating fear, anxiety, and desperation
(either wait till it happens, like in the Weimar Republic, or create it, like in the CV1984 op)

Step 2: Designate a culprit
(an ethnicity, political party, or microbe, uninjected people, or whatever)

Step 3: Offer a savior – on condition people willingly give up their freedoms
(savior can be a fuehrer, injection, muzzle, phone app, or a ritual dance in the park with flowers in your hair – doesn’t matter; people will swallow anything)

A glance through this list is also instructive:


PLUS, make sure there is no information other than the BIG LIE available to the masses. 1-3 is, therefore, guaranteed.

Unless there is an alternative media that at least 50% of the population is able to access. Looking at the jab percentages published for Illinois, the counties with the most jabs are running around 48% while the least are around 25%. As long as we can continue to hold out and educate those around us, we still have a chance to help people make the choice of freedom.

It will get worse before it gets better but we must remain positive. We WILL win this. I reject any conversation that dwells on the doomer point of view. Up the energy.


“The things that don’t kill us make us stronger?”

“Ze zings zat don’t redpill us make us stranger, ja?”

A good natural way to combat psychological desintegration for those willing to fight for their mental health if they are on the trail of reality again and need some help = niacin of the flushy kind. It works way better then any anti-depressant could.

This fiend proped up as some kind of humanitarian on wiki helped devise those mental tortures knew all to well since he apparently investigated the recover side too.

His book “niacin, the real story” is well worth it if you need help devising a protocol for yourself.

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Maybe a better way to combat psychological disintegration, etc. is to GET RID OF THE DAMNED SMARTPHONE!


If technology where the only reason for psychological desintegration but alas!


I will lead with, no disrespect intended… :wink:

IMO, it all began when people saw fit to PRIMARILY rely on outsourcing their safety and security to a 3rd party (Police/EMS). If you haven’t learned how to render aid to yourself and/or others (both medical and trauma) and learned to defend yourself (both armed and unarmed) then, no disrespect, you’re part of the problem here. Even it you are old and frail now, you were once strong and able, if you catch my drift. Once you render yourself harmless, it’s pretty easy for “them” to take whatever they want from you, whenever they want it. Just look at how fast they are able to move now, with little to no resistance. Men today are no longer fueled by virility, vision and purpose, they are fueled by pumpkin spice latte’s, porn and addiction.

People have forgotten who we are, we have the forward facing eyes of a predator, and are indeed an apex predator.

This will be a hard pill to swallow for some, but I believe the point still stands none the less.


Well put.
Also, I think CAF has a point that a couple is hard to bamboozle and an excellent protection for the family unit.
Apart like it is today it has been a disaster.


neru, getting rid of the smartphone is a START, no more than that.

Not everybody is cut out to be a warrior, but I agree outsourcing so much to the state is a major problem and a trap. And it’s not just outsourcing safety; it’s also outsourcing the economy and people’s livelihoods to the government. Just consider how much of the U.S. economy totally depends on federal money (the carrot that goes with the government stick).

People have forgotten who the people in power are – apex predators on steroids.


Yep, started for real when Nixon went to China (IMO). I remember Ford and others asked him not to do it and he just ignored them. Guess Tricky Dicky had a plan.

AMEN to that!!
And, turn off the TV and all MSM sources as well!


That would be very helpful too!

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Well said. Optimum health and fitness is lacking in both sexes now, as is a shrewd intellect. These are still recoverable for most people but so many have given it all up for lattes and hairdressers! We can lead by example and who knows, maybe we’ll save a life or two in an unexpected combat.


Maybe too much of a good thing isn’t so good the end?
It’s disappointing to see helpless, pleasure seeking people who essentially haven’t been taught much about self-reliance, critical thinking skills, and are overly centered on self.
Human nature gets us every time.


The beautiful ones in the Mouse Utopia experiment: