World War III Has Already Begun, but the Truth Is Being Withheld from the Public Until the Very Last Moment


The excuse of a full blown war might be a small nuclear device on European soil but it will quickly derail in other weaponry!

Those Malthusians aren’t planning to stay hundreds of years under ground, nevermind how luxurious those bunkers are. I would want to see those faces of all those traitors that thought they had a ticket to those luxurious bunkers and will find out that more bribe tickets have been doled out than there is place. Oh those faces when the big steel doors closes before their noses, welcome to reality!

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Ww1 is still an ongoing battle. It’s debatable who won ww2, mostly bankers. Last man standing doesn’t win ww3, now does it? Looking at US soccer World Cup, in gutter, Qatar pronounced gutter. We can’t possible look good playing soccer. We’re defeated by virtue of who our coach is. The system he employs omits some of our best players + he’s weak at dual national acquisitions. We will lose to Iran 1-0. And our match with Wales is destined to be drawn! Something akin to 0-0!! Lol lol therefore we can’t advance. Knowing England is atop, probably taking down the US 3-0 or worse. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Inept USMNT, warring world no end in sight. It’s a toss up this year for Most foolish coach in the nation between Gregg berhalter and Kyle Shannahan!!! Suicidal self destructive self defeating arrogant over their head and fireable!

The West’s, Ministry of Truth, has already removed the video.
One too many truths in the video.
Therefore, in the New World Order[WEF] interests…
the truth has been scrubbed;
for your safety & mental health.
[the only charge for this service?
Your liberty.]

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the video is still there it just can’t be played here at the death star or any other outside site where a link is posted you have to click the link to make it work

Thanks Bahri.
Always learning something new[to me].
Simple and effective.

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With the destruction of the pipeline, Germany became completely subservient to the United States.
In Wiesbaden, there will be a base under the command of General Cavoli + 300 personnel for the training of the Ukrainian army and a center for the distribution of weapons, which should mean a long-term war between the EU and Russia.

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Lol lol lol :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫:joy::joy::joy:the cult is still riding Haley’s Comet !! Are you ready to crash thru heavens gate? Dr fairytale drivin? End of the world? Looking at the two midget leaders, RasPutin and Medvedev lol I’m hoping they push all the buttons!! Time for a reset ya think? The two Russian psychos both total sociopaths binging fear paranoia panic and now as a shrinking midget, we see them flopping around in death throes lashing out threatening nuclear war! Against who exactly? Mankind? The Russians want to be melted off their bones because: 1) Putin is only five feet tall? Medvedev only four? Very small handed dudes lol lol must be humiliating being laughed at. Every time they leave a room of people they snicker and if a US military operation ain’t ready to snuff out these two midgets what are we doing? Right? Insider job one shot both drop right? Only problem is who replaces them and who has the nuclear suitcase in between? I’m kinda thinking the midget show, like the Our Gang little rascals episode, the fidgets, aren’t really midgets they are common jewelry thief’s in disguise!! Stymied they are outted in the St Nick of time! We need ol RasPutin alive and kickin, only our grip this time is A little bit Tighter, hold on, just a little bit tighter, lol lol reminds me of the vodoo doll in trilogy of terror! Darn thing just won’t go down the garbage disposal ended up having to nuke em in the macrowave oven Estell!! Now that means love to any gal in Pine Valley right

When I got banned from a forum once the bosses threatened to sue me if I ever even tried to return, how is Brando still here and not being prosecuted for this nonsense?

The Ukraine?
In name only?