Worldwide System Collapse of supply chains may be nearing

A situation is developing where The International Chamber of Shipping, a coalition of truck drivers, seafarers, and airline workers, has warned in a letter to heads of state attending the United Nations General Assembly that governments need to restore freedom of movement to transportation workers amid persistent COVID-19 restrictions and quarantines. If nothing is done, they warned of a “global transport system collapse” and suggested that “global supply chains are beginning to buckle as two years’ worth of strain on transport workers take their toll,” according to the letter. It was signed by the International Air Transport Association, the International Road Transport Union and the International Transport Workers’ Federation, which represent some 65 million transport workers around the world.

Question is: Who will be the ones to back-down from this situation?


It is already here. Auto parts are non existent as are many building supplies, especially those from overseas (meaning even US produced supplies are not finding a trucker). The lockdown caused a lot of bankruptcies in trucking companies and the CDL licensed drivers are no longer available. Compound that with defiance against vaccine mandates and you have a serious supply problem from food to guard rails.


Don’t get in their boxcars.


This might have something to do with rumors of a truckers’ strike in October. One source said, “Oct 1”, which is tomorrow.

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All part of the controlled demolition of the global economy the WEF crowd are attempting… You don’t get millions of people to beg for universal basic income unless you psychologically torture and bankrupt them first. You don’t get formerly first-world people used to a Soviet standard of living (to “save the planet”) till you get them used to scarcity of goods first. You don’t get people to accept climate lockdowns till you put them through a shock-and-awe “pandemic” psyop first. I don’t think the evil psychopaths behind this intend to back down anytime soon, though one day they’ll fail.


Most folks actually enjoy working, being productive, and raising children. So of course those who are against us must destroy the present society, tear it down, and install the Soviet system. Thankfully, human nature finally overcame the Soviet system in Russia, and they appear to be on a better path than many other nations. So, you may be prophetic in the sense that those who are against us will fail in the end, although how much TIME that will take is unknown.


Good to know you are staying, aware and updated, Rheba. Keep tabs on what happens, and if you have the time please update this ‘thread’ in the event I miss something due to my workload. All the best to you!!!

Hey there! Been wondering about you. Hope all is as well as it can be.

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Inflation is a name of the game. It makes whole, banks and Am Corp balance sheets. Hyperinflation destroys faith in currency(FED). Deflation on the other hand destroys Wall Street. Again covid is a convenient veil behind which our regular ordinary, known minions are working. Create shortage of everything in hopes for price increase of everything. Will it work? that is a question.


I suppose it would be the ones who have the most to loose.

Inflation - and what follows is Deflation…
Surplus - and what follows is Scarcity…

An ‘age-old’ cycle.

Get prepared, NOW. if it is not too late…

COVID is only a harbinger of WORSE stuff that follows…

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So many shippers are ‘stuck’ in a contrived backlog, and waiting on clearance to offload.

So, if supplies of needed ‘stuff’ becomes unable to reach their final destination, then the result is INFLATION, the likes of which may never have been matched in HISTORY. Now, it may be that sooner, rather than later would be a fabulous TIME to SELL!!! Especially considering interest rates are HISTORICALLY low.

I believe those nasty things depends on cycles. The bigger question will be is there a kliek of people upholding culture? Wry enough, in Russia that was a special branch of the KGB where Putin belonged too together with clergy from the Russian Orthodox religion.

Is anything in the West of any power going to uphold enough healthy culture to even insert back into the population? Western thinktanks are so bent on destruction they can’t even think ahead not even if their own survival depend on it!

I believe that is the greatest difference between Russian and Asian peoples. They have contingency plans within contingency plans within a worldplan. They understand someone/thing is always gunning for them. The western leaders arrogantly think they are the top predators.


Selling may give one the money to buy without involving a big bank. Avoid big banks.

Been thinking of revisiting Babylon’s Banksters re: cycles. Keep thinking I need to focus on now rather than my usual preoccupation with the past. In particular, I don’t think more of the well-documented history of what “they” have been planning, preparing, implementing is productivel. I get all of that. Now, what to do, how to do it, and who to trust besides the Lord.


What needs to collapse is us supporting these scum bag corporations that are pushing the COVID narrative mandating mask edicts to the public out west. Don’t trust these liars. Kroger foods (FRED MEYERS) and Safeway/Albertsons/ COSCO/WALMART/TARGET, Natural Grocers, whole Foods, ect… They are all endorsing the false narrative that has been collapsing worldwide.


Someone posted this over at Solari, I thought it was an interesting read.


So who are behind all these international unions? Not the rank and file, but the others.

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He brings up some valid points. However, Every Port operates differently up here in the Pacific NW. Longshoreman basically run the show. I’ve been trucking over 20 years as well. The smart trucking companies own their own chasis and can go in and pick up the cans. Customers that have floor stacked freight usally have 1 to 2 hours to unload before being charged. Many customers who can’t unload in the designated time frame can pay a drop fee and call when done. The lines can be long like he said or it can be quick depending on the port and the times you get there and depart. The real concern that I feel folks haven’t considered is the fact that allot of us frontline truckers who have been working thru the COVID B.S. have tolerated and dealt with all the issues he mentioned. Most caught Covid and dealt with it or got the jab in order to get society back open. However our patients (like Bidenoff said) is wearing thin with the mandates and mask crap…basically the same stuff that p***** off the aussie truckers. I know truckers leaving the west coast and relocating to FREE Red states because they are tired of supporting the system that has been locking down and masking up their children, businesses and communities unjustly. DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU and STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC! Should be the mottos these companies, press agencies and crappy west coast Governors should start to think about.


Excellent points. Thank you

Your observations and the article from are a classic case for new /old local economy. The whole transportation system weaves the ropes for their necks with their wait and collect tactics. If things can’t be transported from coast to coast in a timely fashion, market will find a way. My example from Whole Foods: I can’t get my fav. golden or red delicious apples from Washington. This was use to a staple in my local WF store. Now only local apples from tristate areas NJ-NY-CT. That’s just one case of apples and in my opinion it is just the beginning of a long awaited change. Everything will become local including politics and that’s a good thing.