X Files - Predictive programming. They

@ShadowNet About 50 years ago a local Dutch immigrant and mother of a large family made her husband return their first (and only?) TV because of the filth it showed during an advertisement. It was a commercial for Wonder Bra. She may have been ahead of her time.


:joy: no sex please I’m British


That being said, there were still a few good things that did make it through:

Kind of hard to beat John Cleese and the rest of the Monty Pyhon gang. :grin:

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Good stuff! In order to learn how to avoid being 'hypnotized or indoctrinated by the methods described above a person could take a few precautions. 1] stop watching ‘stuff’ shown over the ‘air’. I know it is difficult, but here maybe a few good alternatives: only watch the ‘stuff’ you really like by viewing it while it is played on your screen from a CD disc, or pre-recorded. [2] do not keep your eyes ‘glued’ to the screen, and just listen most of the time. That disrupts any ‘messages’ being transmitted to you. You could pre-record a program, and then play it, stop it whenever, and fast forward through the commercials.

I never ever ‘watch’ a live TV screen for more than a few seconds, and most is always pre-recorded. I save loads of time.


That is a good point that the good guys always win on TV. This conditions us into thinking we do not need to save ourselves because someone else will do it for us. Presumably, these are people in top secret three letter agencies and departments that have no oversight, accountability, nor any way for checks and balances. Positions of power have been infiltrated and co-opted through military like operations such as “executive capture” of the Dutch East India Co. (of bankers.) Less known are the SES, the Secret Executive Service. They have long been using blackmail, threats, murder, theft, etc. that are the hallmarks of organized crime that is the world’s richest royals, industrialists, political leaders, bankers, etc. Whitney Webb goes into this in her new books available on Trineday, “One Nation Under Blackmail.”


“Oh the scandal of it all…well that’s just the way things are nowadays”.

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Ah…yes maybe but…

million candles burning for the help that never came