Your Opinion about Mr Globaloney vs "We the People" vs Higher Spirits?


so when people ask “Who is Mr Globaloney?”, I wonder if it’s the right question; indeed it had too much success, and that is suspicious :wink:
So instead I would like to try to ask you some sort of speculative history questions like:

  • Can Mr Globaloney do what they want or are there rules? Who would decide those rules, eg are there higher spirits to control the game?
  • Or: How much Joe Rogan interviews with how many views would it take to have the Covidian Cult collapse (or taken back)? What’s the chance in your opinion that he ends up interviewing Fuellmich, C.A. Fitts or Dr David Martin?
  • Under what conditions Fuellmich would be right that the whole Pharma industry would be dismantled? Wouldn’t it also mean the collapse of most MSM ?
  • What about press agencies, Silicon Valley, Blackrock etc? How many followers would we need around JRE, Corbett Report or GDS and other independent media to dismantle the complete banksters & DS?

Thank you for your opinions :slight_smile:

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While I understand your questions, there are too many in the one post for me to address. You’re asking for speculation on intent & naming pundits, none of which I trust. My short answer: I don’t know.

dear apeiron!
my opiniated answer unto your questions is a resounding:
yes! and the contrary, if not mixed, shaken or stirred.
i am really happy to help u. just ask!

p.s.: ebmason was not sarcastic enough.

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I don’t mind sarcasm except I don’t understand either reason or purpose?

What is it? Useless to speculate about the future? Not interested in trying to see a way out of the mad covidian cult?
Isn’t it that Mr Global alias DS wants us to see him almost infinitely powerful so that we resign and wallow in desperation?

how would u answer your own questions? only good questions may be answered.
and just an old hungarian saying flashed into my mind:
“who’s a prier, gets old fast”

It was not my intent to be sarcastic in any way. It’s questions overload on your part & I wouldn’t know where to begin, much less try. Sorry.

no pb. Yes, too many fuzzy questions. And maybe “speculative” history makes no sense anyway :-/

Here a little note about “pundits”: I think there is no need to trust them to understand what they “mean”: they are kind of new main stream, and in a world of massive desinformation, I consider them as a kind of cursor where we stand, that’s how I understand them…

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Yes, I admit too generic and fuzzy questions.

I explained here why I mentionned “pundits”, as a kind of reference.

I have some questioning and understanding about limitations of “Mr Global” that I’ll try to formulate in another thread…

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One question at a time; 2 at most is easier.

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