2 Suns in the sky again

I remember this was a thing early on this year,that people were seeing 2 suns.
And here we go again.
And why do I feel the fact this happening days after Kerry talked about the importance of blocking the sun to not be coincidental?
Anyone know why the mastercard logo is in our skies?
Ive never been a hard Nibiru follower,but I did watch “Melancholia” again last month.
I started a thread some weeks ago;asking if other people had a weird feeling lately.
Could this in part be explaining any of that somehow?
So much weird weird stuff going on.

From ChatGPT

In various mythologies and ancient civilizations, celestial events were often seen as omens or signs from the gods. These events could be interpreted as messages about significant events, both positive and negative, affecting the world or specific individuals. The interpretation of such celestial phenomena would vary depending on the culture and the specific mythological beliefs.

For example, in ancient Egypt, the appearance of two suns in the sky might have been associated with their sun god Ra or seen as a portent of important events in the reign of their pharaoh. In other cultures, celestial events could be seen as harbingers of doom or major shifts in power.

Any thoughts?
Have a nice day


Guess we’ll find out soon what is going on!! The guy on Planet X shows clearly there is a “body” that rotates around the Sun every 28 days. :face_with_monocle:


It’s a ‘sundog’ caused by photographic glare.

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I got to read what you posted it was very informative!! Thank you!! Nothing is as we have been taught…even the religious stuff!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve heard this trash for about 20 years now. First Marshall Masters (psychopath), then Steve Olsen (FlimFlam Thief), along with Leak Project, and on and on. Of course, John Moore, Ben Nun’s buddy makes a bundle off this craziness while parked up there in Missouri on his Ozarks plantation.

Many people hurt, money stolen, families broken. There is no 2nd sun orbiting every 28 days. There is no 2nd sun in our solar system.