26 years ago: Fr. Malachi Martin on the New World Order

Whoa Dude!!! Seriously!! Was that really father Malachi Martin? This is really getting weird now.

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I recently read “Hostage to the Devil” and the consequences are chilling. I have Windswept house and The Jesuits but stil have to read them. But this little snippet made me think of “The ringing Cedars of Russia” series from Vladimir Megré. I classify those series of books more under New-Age amusement reading but one does wonder if that recluse woman Anastasia is one of those people Joseph Farrell speaks of our elite are searching for. They look like us, quack like us but aren’t us?!

The whole series made me think of George Adamski cultish thing but then for a Russian audience with a woman in the lead role. A cult like affair around homesteading and greeneries.

Anyone else ever read the series in their youth?


This video is the last Fr. Martin interview with Art Bell C2C before Fr. died.

Strictly my opinion (& I encourage others to give theirs):

Although I agree with Fr. re: Exorcism, I disagree with Catholicism, in general, AND any “church” that claims to be “the true, one and only way”, even the one that I attend. If I ever hear that mess come out of a pastors mouth, I am out of there.

Couple of things of note I found esp. interesting Fr. said:

  1. The real Catholic church has gone “underground”. I would agree that not only Catholics, but the true Church has gone underground. (Just as Christianity drove “the old religion” underground.) This falls into line with my assertion that Dr.'s video with DJ wasn’t removed because of a conversation about Mars, but rather, “When 2 or more are gathered in His Name”. The true Church must be immensely powerful!

  2. Generational satanism, worship, possession; parent to child for generations, esp. in the old families. I absolutely believe this!

  3. You should pray to your guardian angel & that everyone also has a birthday angel. I don’t pray to angels.

  4. At min. 2:15:30, a caller asks if the 3rd secret is related to Rev. 12, & Fr. answers it’s Rev. 12-17. Well, Voila! It’s not really a “secret” then?

I put this video and my discussion and opinions forth to start a conversation re: what each of us believes, or thinks, according to what’s given in this video and NOT to start a fight. It will be interesting to see if each respondent can manage to state their belief without directly bashing someone else’s beliefs & thoughts.


Used to drive by Art Bell’s trailer in Pahrump from time to time - long ago. Never thought his interviews with Malachi Martin would be so meaningful today. Been lead along throughout my lifetime to this time - one thing seems to connect to another.

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That’s cool :>) I suppose he had quite the tower setup on his place! I miss a lot of those older radio hosts… Trucking Bozo and Bill Mack as well.

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Hey Biz: Have never heard of the book series, but it sounds really interesting.

After listening to Martin’s 1st interview with Bell for the 3rd time in several years, and the one I posted about the New World Order, I wondered about angels. Martin said something about them living around us and appearing as people - even a young girl.

Also, in the interview, he mentions that the angels who rebelled against God felt they were above human beings - his description reminded me of the elites. He also talked about insurmountable problems with health and environment, people being radiated and “slowly being dulled.” In addition, there was that fear makes you venerable to Satan, and a lack of faith “edges” you toward Satan - reminded me of our mind control issue.

Not that Martin is great or a prophet or anything, just that he and Bell discussed things that had happened 20 years before the interview, which was in 1996, and it has been 26 years since the interview.


Thank you for posting this last Bell and Martin interview. Probably would not have listened to it otherwise, but benefited from its contents.

In my struggle to read JPF’s TOME @vardas3, IMO there are not only some connections to this interview, but also to our current deteriorating situation. The TOME discusses the formation of two Europes due to the 2nd Europe’s adoption of a different definition of God and a subsequent “armistice” with “pagan imperial Rome.” Vol I

Here, Martin tries to justify why he will not reveal the actual contents of the 3rd secret; yet, he affirms that he was given to read and that it is worse than what Bell read as a version of the 3rd secret. The actual text of the 3rd secret was supposed to have been revealed in the 60s by the Pope and it was not. Had it been read/revealed as directed, the church, human believers could/would have caused a reversal of what is happening now to the human race and to Earth. The reason Martin was shown the text of the 3rd secret arose from a meeting among the Pope and bishops, who materially elected not to reveal it because it might interfere with the Pope and the catholic church deep state’s interests to pervert and control our world - in accordance with the 2nd Europe’s joining with pagan Rome (TOME).

Sorry to not address your points, but really do appreciate the posted interview. Malachi Martin is an interesting character and very human.


Yes, I know about Fr. Martin’s reasons & aware of what he said happened with Rome, popes, etc., as I’ve listened to pretty much all the interviews available with him on-line.

No need to address my points; they are what they are. In the end, I don’t think Fatima 3 anything more special than what’s already revealed in Rev. 12-17. What I did find interesting is Fr. Martin said there was no mention of a comet, nor cannibalism, which seems to be common prognostications among many.

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Or the Djinn of Arabic fame.


Note what Lucia allegedly said about Russia and that this is not the end, approx. 1:30min.

Father Malichi Martin’s involvement was a Jesuit priest. All the above is very interesting, insightful, and ILLUMINATING, but I’m coming into this conversation a little late, and now I have taken Time to reflect in order to write this Reply. It’s going to be long, involved, and very, very, very deep.

So, let me start with this thought: My involvement in JPF’s work began prior to him starting this website. I discovered JPF’s extensive work from his interviews with the late, great Georgeann Hughes on the subject of the ‘Cosmic War’. A series of interviews that were, and still are ‘epic’ with regard to his best understanding of ‘how’ Earth was established as a habitable planet. Those are ‘must listen to’ interviews in order to understand much of what came before, and after his trilogy of the GIZA DEATH STAR books.

Until one listens to those astounding JPF interviews referred to above and takes that information into account then NOTHING else really matters very much at all because what you might believe to be TRUE is mostly an illusion. It appears to be a carefully designed, and skillfully planned TEMPLATE, according to JPF’s interpretations of what might have really happened.

The subject material is very, very heavy in its implications in that almost everything you think you ‘know’ to be True is mostly an illusion, or a TEMPLATE that was very carefully crafted. So, being that I’m fairly methodical in my research all those early recorded interviews between JPF and GAH were saved for future reference. There is also so much more to be learned, and your patience and understanding will be appreciated.

Next, years ago I listened to those interviews Father Malachi Martin gave on art Bell’s radio program, and it started me on a wonderful journey of discovery. Along the way I met and became good friends with Dr. Robert V. Gentry, a physicist working on Polonium isotopes 106, and 109 radiohaloes at the Oak Ridge National Labs. Polonium radiohaloes are fully and totally encased within all granite rock, which we all understand are the ‘foundation’ rocks of the Earth, including the granite rocks that are the integral parts of the Great Pyramid, aka ‘The Giza Death Star’.

The most interesting, and mysterious factor regarding polonium 106 and 109 isotopes is that they have a respective half-life of 6, to 9 minutes. So, these are very reactive uranium isotopes. Their rapid decay can best be investigated in a laboratory using extreme caution like those found at the ORNL labs.

Once a person understands that ALL granite rock contains clear crystals within the rock itself, and it is only within those clear crystals that polonium radiohaloes be seen under 400x magnification that the true mystery of Earth can be uncovered. So, if the evidence of those primordial radiohaloes that can only be found within crystals embedded in granite rock, then the mystery of Earth’s founding deepens. If you want to know much, much more about polonium radiohaloes, the Great Pyramid, aka ‘The Giza Death Star’, and Earth’s founding history then let me know.


Long time no see but yes please, spill some beans.


yes Nidster; do go on…


Let’s start with Dr. Gentry, who was a nuclear physicist, He worked at various other at other labs, but the main place he worked for 13 years was the Oak Ridge National Laboratory ('69-'82). He spent a large part of his scientific career investigating traces of polonium radioactivity inclusions found in granite. Gentry is, or rather was the world’s leading authority on polonium (July 9, 1933 - January 28, 2020). I was privileged to have a long friendship with him.

During his most active work with polonium, Gentry was able to gather samples of granite from various places on Earth, and they all contained polonium halos. The most intriguing place he was able to obtain a sample of granite was from a 39,000’ borehole in Siberia. The time frame during which he was granted permission to travel to Siberia was when the Soviet Union was in power.

Now, in my opinion he allowed his religious beliefs to guide one of, but not all, of his scientific conclusions, namely that Earth was created in 6 days by the Christian god, and that the polonium halos were certain proof of its instant creation.

Hard o believe, but the scientific community can offer no convincing reason, or any other proof, or valid conclusion for the existence of polonium halos. None. The matter has been shunned by other physicists, and scientists, and the matter is especially unacceptable to geologists. Would anyone care to offer any reasons why the scientific community does not want to investigate the matter any further?

Anyone can do research on this as I am certain there are many images of polonium halos available. All have a remarkable beauty, and symmetry. There are giant halos, double halos, and all are beautiful and fascinating to look at.

So, again. Why do scientists ignore this evidence?

And, when I wrote this in my earlier Reply: “What you might believe to be TRUE is mostly an illusion.” Does anyone care to comment on that subject? You ought the see this film first: “The Illusionist”. Oddly enough for such a wonderful film it is freely available at Https: //0123movies.com › movies-the-illusionist-2006-0123movies.html. Very, very good, and it is definitely worthy of your time, and thought.

Later 'gators…


OK, wait just a second, because a thought just crossed my mind. So, for those of you that are still here I presume you’re interested in the little specks of stuff that I’ve learned, or not.

Anyways, so long as we are on the subject of very small, very tiny stuff like individual atoms of Polonium 109, or 106 just remember that ole Nidster once remembered JPF sayin’ atoms [meaning atoms of anything] are comprised of Nothing, that swirl around NOTHINGNESS.

OK, you are now free to go 'bout your daily lives. Thanks!


So, the next item on the agenda was about the pyramids in Egypt, but now that JPF has decided to do a re-write with addl-info on the Giza Death Star I need to re-think anything to do with that subject.

There are some very good alternative viewpoints that does involve info on the Great Pyramid, other pyramids, and monuments that are important. I hope JPF can write about that info.

I betcha a dime-to-a-dollar there is a person’s name I can mention here who discovered lots of info 'bout that suff, but it’s a person that no one has really ever considered to be important… this was really, really, really mind-bending stuff for me as I was coming out of my religious background. Some of the information has made its way to the surface, and could be mentioned here, such as the information in the glyphs the Egyptians used in their pyramids, and other engravings that sort of put the ‘correct spin’ on some more recent discoveries about the planet Mars.

Problem for me is all the info I have is on an old x86 computer that I put into storage. Hopefully, I can get that running again someday, and still have cables to hook-it to a monitor. Good thing is I never really discard ‘stuff’ and getting it running again will take Time. Yeah, I’m a dinosaur when it comes to new-fangled technology. So, talk to you later on this Forum post, and any changes will be made here first.


You are a real teaser you know that!
Being in Europe and blackouts may become a real deal I am glad I have more books then I have room for.
Might get to read them all which is a good thing.

Don’t need more then an hour for ordering on LuLu. But then again, printing press runs on…, paper shortages…, delivery problems… Hope Joseph writes really fast, I need those new old books at the latest this september!


There is an interesting parallel between the first trilogy of books by Dr Farrell on the Great Pyramid, aka The Giza Death Star and the works of Wayne Herschel, which also started with the Egyptians.

While Joseph writes about the ancient civilizations he jumps rather quickly to the Bell Project and the Third Reich. Wayne Herschel basically keeps his focus on the Hidden Records, star maps, Atlantis, and the origins of humankind.

Herschel has also produced some videos that we can watch, and here is his homepage ----

[Wayne Herschel - Author - The Hidden Records - discovered repeating cases of ancient Pleiades and Orion star maps worldwide, all showing human origins from one of three sun stars near the Pleiades]

(Wayne Herschel - Author - The Hidden Records - discovered repeating cases of ancient Pleiades and Orion star maps worldwide, all showing human origins from one of three sun stars near the Pleiades)

There is overlapping information between Farrell and Herschel, and I wonder just how deep Ferrel’s re-write of his trilogy will go, but in the meantime while wait for it to become available we could concentrate on Herschel’s work. Let me hear from you once you’ve had time to check things out. All the best to you!!


Own Herschel’s first book, ordered the other two. Don’t know where to put them but so what.
Reading something else for the moment ( W Bosley) but after that Wayne’s trilogy. Hardly remember his first book.

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