A Psychic w/ Good Hit Rate Said Prigozhin Was Taken Down By...?

… Here is what Psychic Tai on You Tube said, "When I tune into Putin he seems scared shitless. He is terrified and sees it as a possible threat to himself and his own safety. He does not know who did it and fears for his own life being taken out in a similar manner.

I don’t get anything from Ukraine, and i’m not sensing much from NATO. However, the president of Belarus comes up and he seems to be smiling and chuckling. I sense a bomb from him and when I ask why, I get that he wanted to take that sucker out. I ask why he saved him from the battle between Russia and himself with the Wagner group, and I get that he is on the side of Russia and didn’t want to see anything bad happening to damage Russia in this critical moment of fighting Ukraine. He also seems to think that if he gets rid of the leader, then the soldiers would join his team and/or Russia which is all for his cause. Putin wanted to take charge of the Wagner group which is what started all of this and it seems that on some level, now he is getting the majority of the troops to have no other better option but working for Russia. Putin does not know this and it is also part of the genius in this plan to make it so that no one is really too sure who did it so as to make the soldiers less resentful of joining Russia.

I don’t see the president of Belarus working too closely with Putin, and he isn’t particularly fond of Putin, but he is in alignment with his goals because it helps him politically."

Well it is a different take and I found it intriguing. He goes on to caution that no psychic is 100% accurate and he is not claiming he knows for sure he is correct.


Can I make a wild guess?

Who is mostly likely to penetrate the security zone around the airport from which the jet took off? (Assuming bomb in landing gear)

Slightly Permissive access probably not deep clandestine access.

So Russian military or security force arranged access.
The perpetrator was likely a trusted person - could have been an asset from Belorussia.

Putin probably did not make the order but knew infighting was occurring.

The Wagner soldiers now join the Russian army as volunteers. A win for the army front.
Prigozhin is no longer a loose cannon setting his own policy in Africa.

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Wasn’t the flight from Africa to Moscow?

On the way to St. Petersburg

so you agree with Psychic Tai? I can’t quite tell what your over all point is.
Putin did not apparently know about the plan to take the plane down at all, according to him.

He was on his way to Africa I think, but the flight was between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
“Russian aviation officials confirmed the aircraft, an Embraer Legacy, had been flying between Moscow and St Petersburg when it crashed in the Tver region, north of Moscow on Wednesday evening.”

if Putin didn’t know about it, this would be very unnerving, very close and very scary. So an interesting detail from the reading.

Pretty sure from photos of him surrounded by Africans with iPhones that he just recently returned from Africa, so he was returning to St. Petersburg where he lives. Putin is also from St. Pete and Prig often catered his events there (years ago). There was no reason for Putin to blow up his plane- there were plenty of others who had him on their radar, including military.