A reminder the forum is not your personal blogsite

… that the forum is for EVERYONE… if you’re one of those posting several times a day here, or responding to one and all, and basically using the forum for your own personal blogsite, you’re probably overdoing a bit… so you’ve been warned.

  1. How much is that quantitatively expressed, Dr.Farrell?
  1. This is a combined sentence, would you care or like,or care to like or like to care, to briefly clarify this Dr.Farrell?

As you wish or whatever,whenever,wherever etc…


It should be perfectly clear.


Thanks for the answer Dr. Farrell. It’s perfectly clear to me. I asked these questions purely out of kindness and courtesy to you and for the benefit of those who may or may not understand. I hope you don’t mind me for this, and they won’t mind me for this.Hope I’m not wrong, i apologize if i am.


Hitting the ‘Thumbs Down’ button on Divergent. Waste of space.


If possible can you edit this first post of yours to add some text between those last two moving pictures you posted?

I can pause the first and last one but there is no option to pause the middle one, possibly because there is no text break between that one and the last one.

Those cause me to feel nausea I must pause those pictures for them to be in my field of vision.

You don’t seem to post overwhelming too much, Mr. Divergent @Divergent, I like you!!

More than 10 new topics posted per day seems like too many, better for people to launch their own sites for that kind of volume.

Only costs about $15 a month or less to power a discourse forum like this, + domain registration fees!


There fixed.Without pictures,memes,gifs etc.For saving space i.e.bandwith etc.


A very welcomed initiative indeed, that I know some of the members have mentioned to each other “low-key”.
It might make us post the things we find really interesting instead of all things online that may sparks someones interest in the forum.
So the quality might get even better.
Activity is a good thing, but when you see the front page being someones wallpaper with their posts only visible; it’s a bit too much, yes.
Other forums have solved this by allowing only 3 posts a day pr user, but to limit oneself voluntarily is better than rules and force.
Have a nice day :hugs:


There is definitely a gigantic category of bad activity, that is not always good!

Haven’t been too active here recently since am more focused on launching new sites but don’t have many members/subscribers for those so are not as exciting as this here Giza community site.

Typically just check here few times a week but then get so overwhelmed by too many topics. Is a shame to resort to suspending people but that can be done just for a temporary number of days or weeks/months so things can cool down some.

Also possible to do permanent bans and not allow the banished to make new accounts.


I would just like to say that I do not object to a real Giza member using the like button.


There’s a “but” there though :slight_smile:
I believe you can block accounts here also, and in that case their posts will probably not come up at all on your side.
Hope you have a nice evening wherever you are.

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Is 7:45 A.M. my timezone, first day of March!!

Im sure there will be a lovely evening to enjoy soon enough.
So please do enjoy it when it comes your way. :hugs:

No evenings here, only eternal night.

The mute/ignore feature is something but that only helps for users that are logged in, and still doesn’t stop new topics from posting (but would if Daniel/Gizadev would enable that).

Always good to talk to sphinxes, hope things are good in Norway.

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You will be SKULLCAPPED?

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I have enjoyed being able to interact with others & learn from them. :confetti_ball:


This is the weirdest question anyone has ever asked me here so far , and most definitely. I don’t know what or how to answer this question. Really weird!Maybe you would like to elaborate a bit more?

Got it Dr. Farrell… and I’m sorry if I posted too many memes and all.

Not a kind thing to do. Private message to those concerned would have been better that a public embarrassment.

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It was not addressed to anyone in particular, you’ll note.

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