ACH error delays bank deposits - Bitcoin/blockchain sold as fix

I noticed this before I read it on ZeroHedge, and my first thought was, “Huh, more shenanigans or liquidity problems in the banking system.” Now I wonder whether this is just another “error” to convince people a digital currency, all nice and safe on a blockchain (or whatever) run by a central bank, is the panacea. Maybe all of the above?

And biometric identification will make it even more safe and secure, right?

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@FiatLux I think you’re right. All of this is a likely prep for digital currency…

Jean Keating (died last year) tax attorney, bellicose and bloody smart, explains Tax Form 1099OID and, more importantly, just how the system works based on the minor estate created by your birth certificate. You are NOT a debtor, but a CREDITOR. They stole your money in 1933 and the Treasury is holding YOUR money. The corporation is bankrupt and unless you figure out how to use the system that they set up, you will continue to think you are the debtor. No way do they want you to figure this out which is why they have made it so complicated.

“the vast majority of closures are correct, consistent with the regulatory obligations we are required to follow,”

Last year, banks filing SARs tagged categories like suspicious checks, concern over the source of the funds and “transaction with no apparent economic, business or lawful purpose” most often, according to Thomson Reuters.

The above lines can be interpreted from paradoxical dimensions : )
The Efficacy of those dimensions can be angelic or demonic. It depends on the integrity (connection to god) of the soul decerning.
Get your money out of banks and into assets.

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Might be a good idea to get off Commercial banks and go Credit Union for bank services.
Other than that, my money is in Gold, Silver and Ammo.

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@cowboycraig I agree about avoiding big banks and going for credit unions or well-run local banks. If I had money to invest, I’d opt for real, tangible assets, whether it’s bullion, real estate, a local farming enterprise, extra stores of nonperishable food, etc.