Angry, disgusted and fed up

Had to go to my doctor’s today. Huge screen in the waiting room advertising flu shots for children and shingle vaccines for the elderly with a generous dose of fear mongering. GRRRR!!! Had great difficulty in controlling my temper.

Chemtrails continuing:105 F in the shade for the fifth day, struggling to keep my garden and vegetable plot going. God give me strength.

Rant over, thank you for listening.


The only difference here is that you couldn’t drag me into a Rockefeller center if you bound and gagged me. I would fight my way out.


That would be false advertising, they don’t work.
My medical clinic has a sign on the wall that says your conversation is being listened to by Ai to learn medical terminology or medical outcomes (or something like that) and it says that it doesn’t keep your personal information. It seems all of our modern day advancements aren’t helping quality of life or increase life spans. Obama care was about getting people enrolled in the tracking system, not because they care about your health. When do we go live; most likely after some catastrophic event where people have to depend on government assistance.


I am old enough to remember the big sign in the doctor’s waiting room saying “Don’t ask for flu vaccines - they don’t exist”. How things have changed now everything is corporetised.


I remember trying to get my cardiologist to sign off on a medical exemption for me for work. At that point I had had a heart attack (SCAD) and a blood clot in my arm, the two admitted side affects from the vax. I sat in the waiting room for 5 hours. He wouldn’t see me, wouldn’t sign anything. Hah.


One more pill pusher that needs to go out to pasture.


After years of avoiding them I had to ask for an allergy test as I have digestive problems. I was told the tests were not accurate and that I needed blood tests and a consultation when the results come in. What’s the bet I will be given a prescription and be in the dark as to what is causing problems?


Undine, we sincerely hope that whatever you’ve had to see a doctor for will be straightforward for you.

My sense is that going to a clinic was a (dreaded) last resort for you. And those horrible screaming signs, it’s like you walk into a “political medicine” centre…, and doesn’t do much to build confidence for the kind of help you’re seeking when you need it.

We don’t think that all of the doctors left in that diabolical system are necessarily bad (some may be trapped there due to life circumstances), and we hope that your doctor is one of the good ones, and that you came away with some helpful advice.

In Canada, Dr. William Makis MD, whose expertise is in oncology, set up a Substack (Dr. William Makis MD | Substack ), and has been giving interviews with anyone who will interview him, across all cohorts of the population.

In this interview (INTERVIEW - with Odessa Orlewicz ( - COVID-19 EG.5 Eris Variant and the latest on COVID-19 hysteria arising again ), Dr. Makis talks about the flu and covid shots being promoted right now, and the creepy language behind the injection campaign. He also talks about cancer, and near the end of the interview, mentions some things he is exploring as a detox for a destroyed immune system. He is exploring the 3-day water fast as one of the detoxification tools, and I applaud him for looking into that ancient healing tool. I tried water fasting myself, and while the experience is not overly pleasant, I felt great afterwards. We’ve been following several doctors, over the years, who have encouraged water fasting for healing, and so we found it interesting when Dr. Makis mentioned that he is trying this himself. Some people don’t like fasting on their own, and so there are some fasting clinics where people can stay and get pampered during their fasts. In USA, there is the Hippocrates Centre in Florida, and also the True North Centre in Santa Rosa.

We are trying different things, as we, too, feel like we’re being poisoned on all fronts (including the skies), and just the thought of going to a clinic, is unsettling. I’ve got a sprouting garden in my tiny kitchen, and each week, grow different kinds of sprouts to add to the meals, for added nutrition. I also make Rejuvelac from barley sprouts, (as part of my sprout garden), a fantastic digestive probiotic. I keep wondering about that old adage: Let Food Be Thy Medicine.

Our prayers to you, and we hope that whatever drove you to that clinic gets resolved.


Thank you so much and bless you. I believe that whatever God allows is for good. Just worried about my daughter who is completely woke: had Moderna x 2 and all the flu shots going. There is no getting through to her, despite her husband dying suddenly last year and his mother getting cancer after the quacksine. Thank God for my faith and keeping me strong through all this, praying for the madness to end.


My sympathies Undine for what you are experiencing and prayers for strength and peace of mind. And for all in similar situations and that the evil that is upon us be replaced with love, understanding, and support.


I agree with Margaret regarding strength and peace of mind when your health is a question. I have expressed here before how absolutely earth shattering it is to watch your love ones wander straight into the auction yard. My sister has years of valuable medical experience, including a stint at the CDC, and went for the jab. I have been married 3 times, selected people with whom to live, and all three were LUCkY enough to leave the planet already. I don’t knowingly walk into “being in the room” anymore. thanks.


105F in the Yukon Territory? Wow.

. The UK. It’s now YUK, as far as I’m concerned.


Most of my family is v’d and boosted, including a sister, a son and 2 grandsons, not to mention nieces, nephews, etc. Some days one just has to allow room to grieve, while still holding fast to resolve to keep going.


I hope to NEVER have company in this but that is where we are.

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Haha, that explains why I could not find Oxford in the Yukon Territory.

105F in the UK? Wow.

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The UK is now officially the PRUK - The Peoples Republic of the `United Kingdom

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@undine nothing seems to be easy anymore. My brother just passed away and the first thing I thought was “how lucky is he”. I caught myself right away thinking what’s wrong with me thinking like this. It can be a struggle.


Actually @Sal2lee you’re not the only one who’s had that thought. My only sibling, the only family member left besides me, is double jab/boosted. Every morning I wonder if the call will come today.


Heartfelt condolences. I am glad to be “nearer my God to thee” in age, the world I grew up in is long gone.