Anybody having spiritual/lucid dreams through this?

It’s exactly the descriptive essence of your post yes it is. I awake like 3 am and use my pencil to draw the images in moderate glow. I got a gal hybrid, that’s now kinda regular. I’ve seen her from different angles. She would be considered, maybe a pretty Filipino gal about 45. Her eyes follow whoever looks between them at her nose bridge. They move and the pierce into your soul and yes…I only show her picture to folks that can 1) handle it 2) I don’t care if I see em again…oh yah I’m not odd at all lol don’t call me at 7:00 it’s jeopardy! So what’s she want? Why does there have to be “a reason” she just is as plain as my nose. For me, it’s trying to line them up, about two dozen have guided my hand to date. I get to see them here, as well as there. Where, I haven’t the foggiest idea but I don’t sleep so well…covid, I care my 93 year old mom, ssi doesn’t go far, and covid is a ruthless way to go, we’re surrounded at home my gangs like are shooting each other in Sac, sirens are difficult to sleep thru, our area is officially a desert a prison island now, tho folks still move here!? Duh lol crime alone, cost of living etc hot, dry, no jobs for seniors zero. Millions of homeless druggies emboldened by a psychotic media, and alphabet fascist govt. I grew up in duck and cover days, daze, forced to practice hiding under my desk from a nuclear bomb lol oh close the curtains please or the glass you know!! So it’s catastrophobic fear engrained when we’re institutionalized at a place called a public school for doing nothing more than being a kid in the 50’s or 60’s looking for an education … a place where the bosses treat science like the only religion on earth and their sole purpose for living was to brainwash kids. Have their folks thrown in jail. There is no where to go she tells me no place safe no place permanent that’s what my lady says, the visitors I get late at night are dead folks but their soul or it’s imprint is still here I can get a vision of her…she’s a different spirit, the rest are just regular folks. Funny thing is I know someday they’ll come and take me with em, I’ll die, seeing em worries me true, but who knows am I not already dead? I decided to put up my drawings like portraits around my room. See if they like my interpretation of em! Lol I haven’t seen them since,? Like wtf? They know I know now. Maybe they recognized themselves and booked. Without me, or maybe…

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Good advice. I watched a scientist trying to create life in a Petri dish on YouTube saying they will soon have this worked out. A few chemicals some electricity and bammm we have chemical evolution!! Lol lol let that sink in…phd telling me “life” is a side affect of chemicals like an accident lol so it’s an easy one to do! Of course he was having zero luck so he decided to up there game to already formed amino acids protein chains lol lol ohhh as if you can just skip that step, thus he’s already beyond “chemical” evolution, and zapping the cheater specimen did nothing to bring life into his bottle of Frankenstein lol and it never will lol how can a fool phd? It’s like the definition of evolution didn’t hold up too well under scrutiny, small mutations over a millennia in response to environmental changes, morphed ito gigantic overnight instant total transformation of one life form into another even absent any identifiable ancestor or gradual change from one life form to the other just an instant overnight new creature like our upside down tree of life Cambrian explosion. Oh it rained new species for days lol dropped em from flying saucers I guess. But as I watch electron microscope vids and animation vids of cellular mechanics, cellular machines, mechanisms, including chemical and molecular digestion, tubules opening up pierced thru a cell wall to suck in substances go back into the cell, only to reappear later in a new spot and send the broken down stuff out, lol, the other end. Lol minus it’s energy which the cell lives off. Like an animal and seeing the tubules form out of absolutely nothing just out of thin air, and do a predetermined task to keep a cell alive just this one mechanism, to think a jolt of electricity into a Petri dish of chemicals or proteins I don’t care if you cheat!! Lol lol you AINT creating that cell with baking soda and a Bunsen burner mutha ….insulting quackademia sociopaths

The recurring nature of your lady dream visitor and the perspective the dream plays out within is very similar to the dreamscapes I experience. Five years now, with differing levels of intrusion into my deepest mental alleyways. No apology, no reason.

I am an unprotected wetware network with a hoard of jeering netherworld souls holding up a mirror to my daily climb towards the light.

I had a simple meal with my father just weeks before he passed away, I noticed he had been sketching a woman’s face, they were just A4 sketches using basic marker pen. He had many attempts at getting that face right, but they were clearly the same face redrawn over and over.

Next to his prized framed black and white photographs of Charlie Parker he had drawn some child like renditions of another dream, a stickman emerging from the sun, many versions again.

It mattered enough to him that he placed them around his shrine to Bird.

I rarely remember my dreams and I do not remember being in control whatsoever. I had a few moments during planscandemic, when I was really down. In some moment, when they talked about vaccine mandates, I despair because in my fantasy, I already saw it coming. It was a red line for me, and I did not planned to play along, I would rather die in a hole starving to death and I saw that may realistically happen. With this felt of depression, I fell asleep. And on contrary, I had a beautiful dream, about giant horse jumping over very tall fences (and also doing some naughty things to mares). hat was kind of strange…

I unplug all the wifi & all electronics go to the other side of the house at bedtime. Not even a TV in my room. That put a stop to that mess.

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I would dream of a dreamless sleep if I could get to sleep.

I used to write down everything, hoping to find a common factor but honestly I think it’s just churn a lot of the time.

Old fragments, orphaned files without an index.

But occasionally you get some really memorable ones, physical sensation, intense emotion.

As a form of communication it’s as clear as mud.

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Had another doozie of a dream during Sunday-Monday sleep. It didn’t last long at all but I was there and it wasn’t of this world. I was lying down in a fairly large orange clam shell and as the clam was starting to shut I was filled with panic fever and I could hear sounds like big equipment all around me. I couldn’t stand it and forced my self to wake up because I knew I was sleeping. Woke up a little sweaty to say the least.

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@Sal2lee That sounds like an episode of sleep paralysis. I have these once in a while which is why I never sleep on my back. That seems to have worked very well for me, if, that’s what’s causing your issue.


Thanks for the tip bluenose. Needless to say I love sleeping on my back. I don’t know if you would call it sleep paralysis because I could wake myself up and knew if I didn’t I could be trapped in the big orange clam lol. It also seemed I was in another dimension or planet, not on this earth. I find these experiences very intriguing and should probably join a dream group.

Anyone know of any such group for dreams?


It’s called “Somnia”. Look it up & you might find it interesting.

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Thanks eb! I’ll just do that.

Edit - I have no problems falling to sleep or staying a sleep. I just really like to hear other people’s dreams/experiences.


One could almost think there might be a nefarious agenda behind this. Just imagine some entity with the ability to ‘insert dream here’.

“The change in sleep patterns makes sense, considering that many people the world over started snoozing past their usual wake-up time when the morning rituals of going to the gym, hustling the kids off to school or commuting to work vanished. So our brains took that extra morning sleep and ran with it.”

Good luck in your quest! Keep us updated.


Thanks bluenose! I will keep you posted.

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i.e., PKD( or, To what Lengths will Androids go to Dream for Electric Sheep?) .

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If you’re even slightly more than curious about dreaming, you might want to try to go to Cleargreen International, Inc.( at ):

Carlos Castaneda

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Thanks WuWu! I will look into this.

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dear shadownet

i really do not follow this topic, and just stumbled across your post.
take a chance by reading Csögyal Namkhai Norbu’s ‘Dream Yoga and The Practice of Natural Light’ book. its probably the best contemporary assessment for ‘modern’ times.
therein u shall find some clues and answers, and possibly a workable solution unto your problem. best is to look for a master who teaches you in this yoga (which is one of the Six Yogas of Naropa), although you may try it yourself as well.

take care!

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just saw your 8h post before. interesting synchronicity we have WuWu…


spilling out beans on the same day

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I’m a big fan of workable solutions, will cast my eye over that book. Thank you.

That was similar to how mine was. Sleep paralysis like. It’s more common than people think so I’m not gonna throw my eggs in the transcendental basket, but it still compelled me to look into it and was shocked by how many people are reporting these experiences enmasse. And post corona no less, so I’m not writing it off as a bad dinner and too many cocktails.