Anybody having spiritual/lucid dreams through this?

No lucid dreams here, but a growing and intense conviction that things are about to change, and for me personally, perhaps a kind of “bifurcation” of life.

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@Vincek33 I haven’t had any lucid/sleep paralysis for a while (couple of weeks). About one month ago I was having them once or twice a week in one month. Could this be the way my ethereal existence communicates with my physical existence? It’s like an alarm going off, danger danger, but I don’t know the specific danger because the communication is fuzzy.


Interesting how coming face to face with death changes ones thinking.


I cant speak for others but for me life changed in 2020, I had plans, I had dreams, I had some kind of idea that the group of people I had invested time and love in around me were my rock. I was wrong, so many of those people now view me as an anomaly. I had to clear the decks, I cried and I felt that loss. Fast forward another year… I found new brothers and sisters, but this time it was based on data rather than emotion.


One time I had a dream where someone handed me my phone and then I woke up to find a bill from them was in my inbox that day.

I have no idea either. I wonder if it is some collective mind control cuz the vision I had is rampant. Someone suggested mind control, and I’m not ruling it out either in my case. Only reason is I’m surprised at what not they censor, but what they don’t. Especially since my type of vision is so rampant in Christian circles. I know Farrell posited the theory on DJ they might be going a second coming of Christ. Not saying it couldn’t be authentic spiritual experience, but my God how would I know? That’s a hell of a struggle…

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Lol, that’s my fear. Like everyone’s like that vaccine will make you transhuman. I hope so, cuz I have a choice with that. If they got others way to connect your thoughts to the CLOUD, how do u fight it?

I was not talking about transhumanism how did you get to that?

Oh cuz they say when you go transhuman they can plant thoughts and stuff. That’s where I was going cuz it’s hard to tell if you’re experiences are mind controlled. I’m terrified of it. That’s what I was saying, how the heck do u tell the difference?

You need a bouncer to check ID’s of any astral beings showing up at your club to know if they are bots or not.

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Whaaa? I hope not, that sounds like earth! I already do that here.

How do you even go about doing that?

If you’re trying to get someone else to do astral security work for you if they are good then all you have to do is pay them money and then you’ll have a secure astral field.

If you want to do your own security you can start by creating astral brick walls/gateways/security guard beings to interrogate would-be visitors with intention and meditation.

I don’t have any credentials in this field this is just my best theory at the moment.

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Goodness, I’m not sure if I could get that, but I’d be interested in knowing how to do your own brickwalls. It reminds me of the film Village Of The Damned.

Yikes that looks like a really scary movie.

If you read the Eragon dragon book series they train for telepathic communication/warfare by maintaining psychic focus on a specific idea like brick walls or a moat/volcano, to create obstacles or barriers to keep back any malevolent intruders from causing problems.

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Sounds like the dream that woke me up this morning. There was something blocking my brain. Course could of been a sinus issue??

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Could be like anything we do need borders… So even dystopian novels, the protagonist knows how to hide, but I guess it could be bad to. I mean you don’t want to paint the enemy as a friend or vis a via? I don’t know. If left to my own devices, I’d build a hole underground and shelter in place forever. I’m a scared cat. God must know this though cuz he never gives me that option lol.

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Here’s how to build an underground bunker: