Anyone else see the Moon go backwards?

On Sunday, 18.30pm the moon was due to be full. I sat on my oil tank and clearly saw a day 1 waning moon, just a slither dark on the right hand side. Hmmm! Monday 18.30 I sit on my oil tank and see the moon blazing full, when it should’ve been day 1 waning moon. I now await an hour when the clouds will hopefully pass and I will see…the moon? Other friends in Uk and Ireland have confirmed I was not the victim of oil fumes, my mums comment, we had a full moon for 2 days. I know that was a very large earthquake that just hit (bless the victims souls) but large enough to jolt or wobble the earth to the point that its visible in the suns line of sight to the moon?
As a side I also experienced 24 hours of stabbing heart pain over the odd lunation which another friend also experienced. EMF blast? Related somehow.


I was extremely tired all day yesterday even though I had a full night’s rest, took two one hour naps. Today I am fine and no naps.

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