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Is it just my imagination or is it looking like De Santis / Mayra Flores vs Kamala Harris / Gavin Putin Newson right about now???
Lol lol lol this is going to be very difficult to get a result that won’t further erode public trust in the system, for the NSA totalitarian traitor community. I’m still realizing it’s two years off and joe’s taco :taco: speech writer appears to have come from camp chump !! No?? I’m thinkin Latino’s get it, the demoncraps are at least as messed up as replutocraps at least evenly unacceptably insufferable No? I’d be looking for Abe’s security detail to be getting new jobs working for president Biden!! I hear they’re looking for jobs now…well the ones that didn’t harikari…does ol’ joe even realize Dr Jill, you know, his wife your wife Joe, just became a “contributor” on Fox News lol lol lol ??? Their ratings are sky high thanks to her speeches and joes lack of compass…directions astray awry, not to mention son sin Hunt was also just a bit overexposed in todays news! Lol but dang if we didn’t get our first ever truthful statement from the young cat 🐈‍⬛ hunter “Jill Biden is a vindictive moron” was his exact quote! We must be fair on this…bravo sir hunt bravo for getting something correct and reminding us about dad’s taste in flea males.

Most news on current world events, not focusing on particular waves,
but lockdown is about research data,
bit a AI, biometrics, wireless,
learning and sharing videos about operating in private etc.,
find interesting to learn about things working off-grid,
and some other topics here and there.