Australian Study Treats Climate Change Skepticism As A Mental Disorder

Above headline dated sept 17, 2022 from

shows; once again, that Dr. Farrell’s prediction on using mental disorder; as a means to lock away those in society, that are, in reality - on to their game. The critical thinkers are being accused "of using ‘mental gymnastics’ in order to deny what they call ‘the near universal agreement among scientists to the reality and impact of climate change’ ".
There is a climate change alright - a climate of totalitarianism that is heating-up across the globally insane leadership - for total control, known commonly as the mental disorder: insane for power.
The common sense solution is not taking CO2 out of the atmosphere; it’s taking the insane global leadership out of governments/power.

The very next thing I did after posting this was read about an actor being taken out of a series[he was on 10years] because of allegedly unacceptable behavior. His ‘Goldbergs’ character was killed off in the show. The actor the said it was all due to his bi-polar disorder.

Expect to see tons of disorders to back-up the coming wave of being taken out of society due to some disorder. Are “they’re” going to engineer another ‘social change’?


What is happening is a large, medical, nursing and experts framework being put into place to deal with the huge explosion of mental illness. Although there seems to be a more compassionate concern and understanding and I have personally found this to be the case. However I have to agree with your point of view there is a sinister and evil reason for the implementation of this framework. Let’s also consider the ridiculous snowflake mentality taking hold and the ever increasing numbers of mental illnesses and diagnoses being treated nvented on a daily basis. Yes this comparison and empathy is not coming from a place of genuine concern and love for our fellowman.

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financial rebellion nr 40, try it.

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That’s a great post Neru, I am asking Joseph a question tomorrow about the mental health framework they are putting in place and boy is it sinister. Suicide is on the up. The hospitals are like war zones at the moment.
I was also in a car accident this year with a terrible insurance company who didn’t help me at all, a maniac driver who I accelerated and smashed into the back of me. It taught me how important a good insurance broker is and how dangerous the roads are people are driving crazy.

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A Mini Ice Age Is Coming? New Research Reveals The Sun Will Lose 7% Of Its Power In About 30 Years - Siamtoo

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Drove into the twilight zone.
Signpost, in the rearview mirror.

Loved your questions and Dr. Farrell’s answers!
Mental health is going Soviet Style… and beyond.

Unless, more & more people wake up - and fight.


Yes it does!
Soviet style… and more “mental gymnastics” is needed now than ever but also implemented in practice daily everywhere!Or else…well you all can anticipate!

Actually had experience w/it in the military.
The slang for it was “a 39-12”.
Many were drummed-out on “medical”.

Casino’s used to use lie detectors, whose operators were in the corporate loop; as to who passes, and who doesn’t.

Many Catch-22’s being rolled-out; along w/39-12’s, lie-detectors, and other bureaucratic fly paper.
Very sticky automatic code; attached quickly to those who betray any sign of critical thinking;
or, God forbid, the liberty of having free-thoughts.
Und, you must replace your critical thinking; w/a belief in mainstream slime, plus a side of crickets.

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Cheers Robert, it’s a vindictive and cruel move by the elite. If people are feeling sensitive in their minds being shown compassion is a wonderful thing but not so when the compassion has strings tied to it. If you are deemed too sick to work or socialise it could soon escalate and you could easily find a variety of ever expanding activities denied to you because of your fragile state of mental health which they would not to want to hinder.

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