Most Adults Should be Screened for Anxiety and Depression, Say U.S. "Experts"

More evidence that mental health may be weaponized?

Compare with this post (by Robert Barricklow) and connect the dots…


Thought crime trials will need “fact based evidence”. Here they are…


The fact that psychology has NO FACTS, simply judgments, is irrelevant to them. That is what makes it a pseudoscience and highly dangerous.


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What are you smoking today, Mr. Lino?

But if a majority have anxiety and depression, then those things are no longer pathologies but rather the norm. Time to slide those definitions a bit further towards the ‘crazy’ end of the spectrum.

@justawhoaman I agree it’s dangerous when weaponized – or when everybody and his brother is diagnosed with something that (surprise!) requires a lifetime of Adderall, Prozac, etc. In my experience, psychologists are like physicians: a relatively small minority of them actually help people, the rest not so much.

The main problem with using psychology to brand people is, as you say, the fact that diagnosis is totally subjective.


@Bill10558 Until AI can automatically monitor and flag “dangerous” or “crazy” people, I guess they’re forced to rely on psychologists. I don’t think they’ll bother with trials. The judicial system is too slow and clunky. They’ll use the administrative apparatus (like public health departments), which can just issue “guidance” and decrees without the need for any pretense of due process.

Amazon ought offer an upgrade (in addition to a huge Premium price increase) for their Ring doorbell system to warn customers when “they’re coming to take me away ha ha”…


@Bill10558 I could imagine an Amazon Ring upgrade that warns customers, “The individual approaching your home has been flagged as a possible conspiracy theorist. Exercise caution.”


Now that’s funny. Maybe add “and don’t listen or believe anything they discuss. You’ve already been preprogrammed with the current narrative.”

I don’t understand! How can mental health be weaponized?Can you please explain further if you want to?
As far as I know mental illness may be possible to weaponize.
It seems that we are getting to the beginning or maybe the end of things.
And then the basic questions are asked again:

  1. What is mental, and what is not mental?
  2. What is health, and what is illness (disease, non-health)?
    Of course, everyone individually has their own opinion and answers to these questions.
    Individuals, two or more people in a group can agree or disagree on what they consider to be healthy or health, or what they consider to be unhealthy or illness.
    Тthis is specific for, or especially applies to what mental health is and what it isn’t.
    Or what is a mental illness and what is not.
    And it is an ancient and long-term discussion, debate, and still ongoing one.
    Always inconclusive.
    Аnd the things that are the subject of such discussions, debates, discourses, or I don’t know what always remain somewhat and somehow elusive.
    At least so far.

There is no test for degree of mental illness. The diagnosis is strictly subjective, as FiatLux suggested. You can not provide an actual physical test - percentage of mentally impaired cells in the brain? X amount of chemical imbalance… what?

The fact that you would accept the advice of any of these professionals means that you have never paid one of them to discuss your depression when your husband suddenly died in front of you. After they hand you a prescription and you look at it for a moment and run screaming out of their office, you realize how dangerous they are. You want them to decide your freedom? Maybe yours. NOT MINE.

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Ok.Thanks for the answer and clarification!
My freedom is important to me, so if i can ask you couple of additional questions, so that I clearly know where to orientate myself in case of an need or emergency.
If I understood you correctly, by professionals you mean physicians who specialized in psychiatry, ie. the psychiatrists?
Or also some other professionals as well, who work in the field of mental health, I don’t know for example psychologists?
That is, in case of need, is it better to go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist, оr to both,
or to none of them?
In such case of need or emergency what do you recommend,I mean as an alternative, third, fourth type of professionals where someone could turn to for help?

When I lived in the far north where sunlight hit the house for about 5-6 hours a day, the lack of serotonin amplified the grief I had for now living a monk’s life on the side of a mountain by myself. My two dogs and my husband all died within 2 months, old age, cancer, previous complications, so I consulted a psychiatrist because she could help with drugs to offset the chemical imbalance. It helped to talk about it. That physician was good because she did not bug me when I weaned myself off the drugs as the sun came back and discontinued the “chat”. It was one of the few instances that I felt that diagnosing a psychological problem from toxicology would have merit. I paid in cash, however, as understanding where socialized medicine has taken society, I did not need to have it on anyone’s traceable record- as innocent as it might seem.

Today, based on records like that, society is planning to create a basis for taking away rights due to potential psychological implications. Gun ownership, child care, bank accounts/loans, etc. can all become in the hands of the psych professionals. As I have said before, I am the daughter of two physicians and to date, I have encountered only a few professionals who chose psychiatry/psychology because they were well balanced, happy people. It is unfair to generalize, but any time we give any profession this kind of power, well… didn’t we just experience a planscamdemic???

Good to great people in mental health are rare, in my experience. They exist but I would only put my future in their hands if I could not go to a quiet place in a natural setting, watch birds, deer quietly tip-toeing by, or be able to listen to the vibrations of the earth. Only you know your tone and can reset it. Truly.


@justawhoaman I get what you’re saying. I’m a great believer in avoiding pharmaceuticals whenever you can get better without them, and a believer in not pretending there’s a grave illness where there isn’t one, just to sell pills or injections – or, even worse, to silence or lock up political dissidents.

My own observation has been there are some people – a much, much smaller number than are currently on medications – with really severe problems who benefit from some of the psychiatric meds. My own approach would be to start with trying to rebalance yourself by yourself, and only if that doesn’t work, graduate up to a decent psychologist (if you can find or afford one!); and only if all that doesn’t help, and you have serious trouble functioning in daily life, consider a psychiatrist as a last resort. In my opinion, Americans are vastly overdiagnosed and overmedicated, and psychiatrists’ bias, just like physicians’, is always going to be in favor of reaching for the magic pill.

From reading what you described, I think the sanest person in the world would be depressed in circumstances like you experienced… at least they would be for some period of time. There are times when depression is a normal response. Every case is different.

Ultimately, I believe what an adult does with his healthcare, mental or physical, should be his own decision – not the doctor’s, the community’s, the government’s, or anyone else’s. The idea that mental health may be used as a political weapon fills me with horror and disgust. The USSR did it, and the way things look, I see no reason to think the USSA wouldn’t.


As someone that has known “that very little room” on the nutty ward more then once!!!

Under no circumstance seek help by profesionals unless you know they have a heart and conscience, those are rare.

Yes, some mild anti-psychotics can give relief but still. Stay away from any serotonin regulating rubbish!

If you have to self medicate, sunlight, lots of sunlight and or vit D when absent, niacin of the flushy kind!
Healthy food and drink, after all it is just symptoms due to poisoning!

If you want to be a shivering drooling mess of a person not capable of self reliance, do the opposite.

Those same basterds that experimented on the population knew.

Read his book on niacin.

That niacin works as an anti-psychotic? It did for me, but I never could convince other psychotics to try niacin. Every psychotic episode diminishes your abilities of sanity and that is why you end up as a mess and shivering and drooling to boot because of their medications!

Point blank, society has no medical care, it is all a fraud!


Thanks for the reply.
Kind of you.
I especially liked the part about how it’s good to hear the vibrations of the earth.

Thank you for the answer, that is, for the open discussion on this topic.
Now more than before, such topics are needed, even though they have a sensitive content.

Thanks for the reply and recommendations.
There is some truth to the vitamin therapy part,and i agree on the part that society has no real medical care,but there are outhere some good people still,i think!