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For some years, ever since the phenomenon of the emergence of so-called “crypto-‘currencies’” or “digital ‘currencies’”, I have been trying to warn about the dangers of the phenomenon. Others have raised their voices as well. Catherine Austin Fitts has been almost tireless in her efforts to awaken peoples to the real nature of these so-called…


Cryptography is transient, AES is now openly being questioned given recent gains in Chinese teraflops and so crypto currency must be upgraded or forked to maintain new ciphers.

The whole thing must have a backdoor by design or you would be dead in the water if one of these upgrade forks went wrong.


Poster boys & girls that are only capable of basic urges being sex, drugs and rock and roll. Somewhere, somewhat resently, their growth in materialism has boxed them in so their powers are diminishing exponentially the futher they go the route of materialism. Essentially, becoming more stupid except for their psychopathy.

I mean, this poster boy did not even understood to put on decent clothes when in public, like TV. Loss of decor is so great in some countries, we are nearing “the Emperor’s New Clothes” situations!


Its logical that every software code can be hacked, especially knowing how a.i. capabilities have the modern empires, hek if it was so secure China wouldnt ban it as independent, altho with extra quantum encryption as state owned it could be secured to some extent, but even then risks would exist eg, kernel rootkits and bootkits hacks of keyboard inputs [8][8] even by simple remote ghostcripts eventually if there is backdoor in the firewall, and like that by infiltrated phishing to be executed hijack of accounts, tho for this safest security response would be Offline Wallet, but knowing how advanced type of sniffing have spooks its question whether even that is ultimate safety against hackers! Hm, if earlier was enough to download data by electromagnetic mirror, what as I am aware was hack since the second half of the past century when nsa was listening to the sound of the machine and like that mirroring info that was processed (tho lost the boomark), so now spies surely have various and far advanced gadgets ~ personally I am aware of few [9] probably reaching level of laser or led scanning too, tech that maybe is not available to ordinary hacker but as hummer in hands of nsa surely can hack steal and spin whatever spooks need, except “their” own stupidity to serve neopagan euroatlantic elites! Dont need to imagine if make from all hackable animals how easily this can go!

And aside the risks from hacking nature, what makes crypto problematic to me are few glitches that points its ea-determinists skim, an conspirative one [1] and esoteric one [2] so practically now was/is released as independent coz acclimatization of the masses, but also laundering in time of all black market money so would be allocated as clean and day after infused smoothly in the “awaited” full digital economy!
What I find interesting in context of the conspirative glitch to the ftx-scandal (mit as satoshi - check the first footnote) is the span of interlocking players i.e. the mastermind Wang was mit google suisser, and voila somehow stinks that all this is tied in similar if not same net [3][3] - [3][3] what even more makes the doubt cemented that is intentional spin how was executed i.e. so it would be used as excuse to push the world on joint standardization of regulations! We need now just to hear for some above the mud strings to some bancorp couloir [4][5] so we can sense that this current digital shift was projected far earlier even in '70s as probable next shift for the fiat standard in case the same bump in bailing’dead’end, hm speculation that is not at all strange if we know how out of the box scifi mindset had have ea-determinists in those times [6] the question is whether all factions mids the ea-swamp have unison utopian doctrine and agendas!?

Anyway, seen as risk management its understandable that there should be some regulation when is merged such “decentralized” crypto system with the regular centralized market, but with the ftx spin now is opened room for stiff one which will regulate fear if not despise of the wonnabe free crypto masses for unregulated crypto realm, and eventually like this (the current exhaust) even we dont see merger of the markets at least to be paused the momentum of capital overflow from the traditional markets in case hyperinflation start to appear on the horizon, in essence exactly coz now exists various risks from hacking if by this spin wasnt paused the free’crypto’hype probably later the same it could be very well used for sabotage just when it shouldnt happen by any means, also alone the huge margin of volatility of the crypto market is huge risk for the real economy that diversifies in abundance there, so this pause looks like neatly manufactured one, and what will come from it we can just speculate, hm maybe mandatory crypto brokers so the end users would be catalogized!? Finally how at first hand it was left, or better said in the end revoked the opportunity ftx to get gambling licenses [7][7] think its enough screaming evidence that all this was carefully arranged scam that should burst once is questioned, who in its normal mind would allow systemic backdoor in the regular markets to some anonymous exchange (players) i.e. its strange why such stunt wasnt pulled eg. by some of the largest crypto funds but some startup, one would think cia would engage even some bank cartel to arrange the bridging between crypto and the rest of the markets! So to me looks like rigged skim, hm, just how huge sitting bomb would had have been the ballooned derivative market if it have been widely exposed to the crypto realm, thus its obvious that ea-determinists had have to reveal that the code is breakable so would postpone if not stop all recent inertia, and normally save some more e’belief of the masses for “their” cbdc along all its panopticon nodes that are tied to it like personal digital id and e’wallet or medical passport and broilered eugenics etc. etc. already planned steps towards future technocracy!

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The facts adduced in Dr. Farrell’s post do indeed support the conclusion that “crypto-‘currencies’” are hackable, just like every other digital system.

Even without the evidence provided by those facts, just ask yourself one simple question: If cryptocurrencies were truly a reliable substitute for money and truly allowed people to escape the government/bank control grid, would cryptocurrencies have been allowed to exist in the first place?


No, nothing escapes control of the controllers. The designers and programmers of the technocratic system we have are theirs or they would probably otherwise be dead like the numerous bankers over the years.

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No system can be “secure” if it’s an open system, just like the weather.

Libraries aren’t at all secure systems, but if a book goes missing, the most likely suspect is easy to identify as whoever last had that book checked out and they will always be the first person to be interrogated in theft investigations, especially if they never checked the book back in.

Back doors are usually equipped with alarm systems too.

Invisible and non-alarmed back doors are definitely problems.

This might not be the most relevant metaphor here, this really isn’t my field at all.

Closed systems can be more secure.

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One of the inherent problems with block chain is that it can hide porn images within source code. I had a computer geek demonstrate how easy it is to do. Great way to entrap many people by claiming they have child porn on their computers.


Wow… I did NOT know that but that raises my suspicions about what is going on immensely. Susy, if you know of any articles about that subject, please EMAIL the links to me at, because I think the readers of this website would be VERY interested to know this.

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wow this sounds also that as possibility mids the crypto codes could be infiltrated malwares too!?


Can someone point where is likely this BIS advice to end up in the crypto market as diversification trend among the banks, also not sure is it advice or obligation!?

~ BIS Finalizes Bitcoin Bank Limits - Bitcoin Magazine - Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights

This points that to the independent blockchain is given credence, thus seen by “them” as secure asset when in stablecoin form, what also gives additional acclamation to the assumption that after all bitcoin was “academic” child, if so logically “mited” in mit! an mint of fresh air towards fintech acclimatization and fictive diversification by the masses, practically engaging in investment circulation even regular john does across all world, except providing backdoor for laundering of black&gray market money evading the need for offshore brokers corners and hiv’ens! Another bonus from the indirect seemingly independent blockchain is recruiting from whole world innovators that would never put extra effort in tweaking the possibilities of fintech realm if bitcoin was announced as mainstream academic child, even less to mobilize promotors eg. like MaxK etc. etc. benefits from the currently decentralized thing! There is also interesting warning by stratfor from 2015 [1] which as cia tinktank advice surely was taken for granted so now when the world economy is in clinch the implanted ftx fuse was activated in time so fintech as hype would be put on more centralized tracks, in same time giving room for freshman participation cycles!

Practically with the ftx spin will be flush not just faster regulation of the current decentralized crypto market but in same time will be introduced as alternative the more secure form of state owned cbdc as tied to quantum encryption [2][2][2] altho on long run even such encryption can be hacked tho I’ll speculate that even now if not earlier was used this kind of attacks [3][3] probably supercomputers were not used only for biological research!? Not aware of particular examples, but among all losses of billions there are surely such, yet reporting hackers bridging the security its tabu coz bad reputation, after all if industrial espionage is always issue why financial wouldnt!?

I would conclude as investment the current alt cryptos are only secure as shorting gamble, what would mean as fictive asset its not wise to be played as real assets are, and not just coz the volatility risks but per’se coz health concerns as fixed to the monitor with rabbit hearth [4] what in times of “mass formation psychosis” i.e. covid fear propaganda along eventual real risks from sars’cov’2 > normally that as stress booster crypto gambling will decimate Your immunity even further [5] so if not else is not useful investment realm for elderly or chronically ill people, simply the chance for easy gain by chasing the crypto rollercoaster has real cost benefit risks to longevity! To all this now we can add eventual stiffer regulations that in case “their” reset happens it would be hard to pull out Your alt crypto investment too without getting tied to “their” great’reset, what even more stands for the rest of the asset markets even gold where again You dont have physical gold but gold bonds, so investing in real assets is most independent selfsufficiency eg. land machinery tools maybe processing plants except small farms, hm maybe sailing boats as preparedness in case of global deluge what is prophesized indirectly in The Revelation i.e. if asteroid hits this World then surely the glacier melting risks will rise exponentially, but alone through the fracking revolution this is also foreseeable risk [6] so having at least sailing knowhow if not boat is useful invested time!

I’ve never heard of that before, and regardless if that is a problem that definitely isn’t unique to just blockchains.

If anything illegal is deposited on someone else’s property, sure there could be charges filled against the property owner that they are the criminal, but obviously those would be completely fraudulent charges. Don’t know what you mean by this “entrapping” people, unless they are literally arrested and imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

@Bahri various codes can be reshaped variously in different coins, but without any clear oversight or auditing (as is case with many) normally there could end up whatever the coder can slip … MaxK has nice overview of ftx as poopcoin exchange, lauding the stability of bitcoin in contrast to all the rest, what has logic i.e. if the black market was concentrated in bitcoin surely there would be also need any distraction to be removed from the scene that instead to keep the hype to bitcoin by diluting the attention is making bitcoin less attractive as it should, anyway having in mind all the possible hacking risks ultimately no tech is safe for good!

Still he has good points, tho would not jump on his antiETH bandwagon, but indeed explains clearly the crypto realm which surely will get stiffly regulated too!

In the first video is summary of the ftx case, while in the following is whole interview … as always interesting listen but never havent hear about what if scenario with bitcoin in case of reserve curencies meltdown!

Joseph I sent you some articles about this; this particular white hat hacker just found it within blockchains and on various websites. He showed me the converter to do it: It is really easy, just upload any photo and it will show you various codes like HTML or Base 64 then there are other converters that can take the code and convert it back to a picture.

When I searched the web for an article it pulled up a website pornhub where they brag about having embedded porn code videos and pictures so it is apparently a thing.


My thanks Susy Sunshine… I probably am going to blog about this topic. I think people need to know about this.

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I know of an instance of this.

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