Biden administration shipping "pallets" of baby formula to border amid

This is beyond the pale, just like everything else the selected ones are doing.


Sigh…(& 20 more sighs…)


If we can’t abort them, we’ll get them within a year. You said it, beyond the pale.

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The libertarian meme sites posted on this about 2 days ago. I’m in about 5 of them. It’s how catch the pulse of news trends.


Doesnt american women have breasts??
Honestly being without baby formula will probably make that generation smarter/healthier then in a long time.


At any other time, I would agree whole heartedly. But the health of some women of child bearing age is compromised now by a number of factors, including their diet. Not to say all the fault lies with TPTB, but they have also been coerced by doctors and media for the last two years to get jabbed. I certainly wouldn’t encourage them to nurse their babies if that is the case.

But the point is, why give illegal immigrants formula instead of their own citizens?

Totally a rhetorical question of course, because we know what the agenda is.


I agree, was a bit serious but quite sarcastic too.
Its just weird that anyone who can breastfeed actually uses that stuff.
But of course there is always a gray scale involved in these matters.

But like anything biden does, this is also obviously done to piss people off.
And in that matter it can be a good thing if it gets some sheeple to react.
Maybe Trump can put it into His speeches that he is going to bring back the baby formula…


Yeah, Maybe Trump will and maybe he’ll pay reparations to all of the people in America who lost loved ones, had their health destroyed, their livelihoods, their homes because of his oh so safe and effective jabs brought to you by his OWS.

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For those of you fellas who aren’t aware, a woman cannot breast feed at will any time after she gives birth.

“…How long does it take for milk to dry up? If you’re not breastfeeding or pumping at all, it typically takes seven to ten days after delivery to return to a non-pregnant and non-lactating hormonal level. During that time, you might feel some discomfort if your breasts become engorged with milk.”

One crucial factor that I didn’t address is if the formula, always secondary to mothers breast milk for nutrition and bonding, may be BG’s new and unimproved formula. That concoction should be eschewed as a substitute for any baby.

And truth be told, there have been many recalls of baby formula over the last years, so the choices left are challenging.

Prayers of inspiration for all of the mothers to find safe solutions!

I can’t imagine being in a position where I could not feed my baby. That is horrifying. Being top level creatures on the planet, why do humans have problems with making and feeding offspring? Are we fed propaganda that takes many off the trail? Doesn’t add up.

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A simplistic answer is we’ve gotten too far away from nature.

Women are going through enormous anxiety trying to figure out what to feed their babies if they are unable for whatever reason to produce breast milk, much less if sources of formula have dried up.

The fact that there is now artificial breast milk coming onto the scene at precisely the same time is just too telling of the agenda.

I’m sure that mothers will do whatever they can to get their babies fed. I remember there being herbs that could help women who are still able to produce some milk, that could stimulate production.

Wet nursing may be one solution for those who can find someone willing to do it.

Cow and sheep milk was once used for lack of anything else but it is processed with other nutrients to make it more easily digestible and nutritious. Not an ideal solution but worth looking into. Especially if it is organic and hopefully comes from non gmo grass fed animals.

I am not on other social media besides this forum, but my sense is there is brainstorming going on there now. Including questions and research about what to do if you’ve been jabbed and how it effects breast milk production and safety.

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Run the grid on seawater with cold fusion technology. Use the leftover slime to fertilize soil, our energy situation is resolved, in theory, in the world of causality it may remain brutally tribal, with hordes of monkeys gorillas and such having everything to lose! The worlds pensions are invested in oil and medical profiteer enterprises so I will never expect change. But our grid is likely already getting boosted from underground high tech energy production sources. Deep underground, protected, hidden, deniable, and it’s the same for underground water movement because drilling coast to coast though costly is an easier way to move water. Taking water from the Great Lakes, filling western reservoirs and using water that would end up in the oceans raising sea levels, for our benefit would seem smart. The type of public infrastructure even a Libertarian could support. It may already have happened but only cog and military get the benefits, but being underground, it may be already benefitting us and we don’t know. Boring is the future, batteries, high tech energy production, software, and internet security in general. 1) high tech energy 2) water 3) it don’t matter without 1&2

Very interesting ideas, Brandolino. Do you have any sources of reading material or videos I could peruse?

Does what you’re proposing here require that the environment become even more electrified than it is currently?

Maybe you could post your response under the Science and Technology heading?

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I had to, forgive me but, if it is electrified, it would have had to be done current-ly.

You are a great punster! :joy:

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I really, really need to laugh these days. It drops the weight considerably.

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Patriot Nurse has some good ideas. She mentions the herbs to help women lactate and she basically says it’s a good idea to get back to basics - nature. God designed our bodies (men & woman) to work with nature. I realy like Patriot Nurse and would like to share her video.


She is wonderful! Thank you Sal2lee for posting this. I was endeavoring not to be judgmental of women who were jabbed or otherwise were not nursing, so I especially like her language and guidance in redirecting them back to the basics. As soon as she mentioned red raspberry and fenugreek, i remembered them from long ago. :hugs:


Agree with this!
It hurts and its going to get worse, but the whole patch of dependence of the needs to be removed.

Hopefully it can be done in a tempo that doesnt kill or hurt to many people.

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