Can We Really Last until 2032?


From: Chaos & The Secret Order to Everything

" We have entered the period of COMPLEXITY where we are not looking at a single sector in a bubble. We are looking at a really dangerous contagion of COMPLEXITY and the Neocons could care less about the economics. They have control of the White House and this is their chance to destroy Russia and China and they are NOT backing down. Our children are just their play-things to achieve their dream of decades.

God help humanity!"

They APPEAR to have control of the White House. Problem is the occupant of the White House is not in control so if there are behind the scenes moves going on, we have NO IDEA about our immediate future. We can only pray that rumors of a positive outcome are true.

Hey justaburger, that is a comment from the article posted which you’ve taken out of context. How typical.

Coming from someone who has no understanding of a POTUS giving The Key to The White House to a foreign national; and not only didn’t read peter’s article, yet quotes it, I have ZERO respect for your opinion, as you do mine.


@peter.s.james . These two questions and answers were very interesting, particularly Question #1. Regardless of what anyone might think of Trmp, if this whole NY indictment is solely based on the Stormy Daniels thing and if Cohen is the only witness (from elsewhere), it should be obvious that this mess is not about a crime committed by Trmp or anyone else given these circumstances.