🚨 CCP DATA LEAK Source Exposes Chinese Web Server Detailing CCP Five-Year-Plans for Bioengineering, Military Technology & More


from exposing Pfizer in the most epic way to China hawk fodder … w/out O’Keef its just not the same thing.

What do you make of this?

How do the Chinese military tech plans measure up against what is going on by the western nations?

Some of our Chinese friends get very upset when there is so much talk about the “Chinese threat” without looking inwards first, and we have to wonder if they have a point.

Your own thoughts are appreciated!

Most likely the deepstate has made sure all sides are somewhat close in the arms race as usual.

This is what people in general cant grasp, its the same entity sitting in every country telling them that they have their back and they are going to be the winners of the upcoming biohazard.

Basicly they have sold the genetic blueprint to kill off everyones enemys through the new installed 5g killgrid.
So everyone who is hooked into the system is going to be a ant just trying to not get fried while getting hooked into new currency.

We cannot stop this, it is coming to us in a very fast pace.

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Jennifer is a humanitarian activist. You may want to check out her previous posts. Our grid is in danger, Potato gave China access to all our transformers👀

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Hi @Mud I posted this same broadcast on the thread below just yesterday. Lee Wheelbarger caught it. Jennifer Zeng and Wheelbarger both have been very accurate.
China Transition to Wartime Readiness, Locking Down End November? Attacks Against Non-NATO Countries Coming? 3rd Front for U.S. Planned?


Absolutely. I didnt see your post, sorry for the duplicate post. Im on Lee Wheelbarger’s network. Lee Wheelbarger has excellent “actionable” intel with 30 years experience as a Subject Matter Expert. @JadeCannon20

Im a newbie here, although have been a fan of Dr. Farrell’s and have watched him for years, just joined. Just trying to get the word out about China’s plans. So many are unaware. Was “testing” the water here, being respectful, cant come barging in recommending people with me being a newbie and all. Lee’s platform is all news and no speculation. This platform is “high octane speculation,” which I enjoy too, so long as it’s accurate. See you on the stream. Thx.

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Not a problem! Happy to have you!
I have doubts about China’s navy, given just recently they got snagged in their own trap. The best laid plans of mice and men you know. They might try it but doesn’t mean it will work; still, lots of people could be displaced and die. Wish everyone would stay home and quit messin’ with each other.


Look at this mess!

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I don’t think they can give Biden enough drugs to make him seem sensible.
Get ready for China to attempt taking Taiwan, maybe others.