Czechoslovak music

Well, there is an old adage saying that every Czech is an musician (“co Čech, to muzikant”).
I can not imagine a better start than some old-fashioned music about beer:



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Some efforts from the nineties to create a more internationally looking music:

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How Covid influenced music around here ?

Young neo-marxists:
(you could translate the name of the song like “put on your face mask”)

On the other hand, kind of different it got with the old guard and punk rock guys:


I just found this last night. Luv it.

Better link

Thanks mate, I looked into and actually this one is from former Yugoslavia (but it is a nice one, nevertheless).
But how could I make it so far without the national anthem ?

And this one is more and more actual these days…we need to draw strength from our history:

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Tata Bojs - original clips, funny lyrics.

What happen when Czech have an important dancing contest with France ?

Even older people can use an internet to have a date…
(music video starts at 2:22)

According to musicians, Mexico is a place to go !

There was kind of romantic relationship towards U.S. in the 90’s…

But it seems to be a forgotten history now:
(the name of the song “I am not from USA”)

It’s fascinating how music – all over the world – has been used to influence culture or push propaganda. It’s not just in America!