Dr./researcher explains - we are caught between bioweapons warfare & a.i. created vax "antidotes"

Hi all-
this raises a lot of possible explanations for things like -

  • how the AI is involved in designing the jabs
  • how some leaders may be actually believing their warped justifications for these mandates
  • how just removing Fauci will do nothing and what needs to be shut down
  • how Trump may have been talked into going along with this whole thing with a “Biowarfare attack is happening don’t panic everyone but get the antidote ready!!” kind of hysterics. Trump would have been a good even great regular Prez, but he utterly failed the test of extraordinary national and world crises.
    -why we are seeing crazy diseases blowing up after Vax and why they’d still push them even when the data shows that they dont work at all hardly
  • still fits in with the depopulation agenda - they dont expect people to live long, just long enough to be useful and controlled or die - just like soldiers.

He makes it very clear to me that it is a cynical “antidote” will give everyone AIDS-like immune systems and make us disposable soldiers - battlefield ready to meet one designer disease maybe, but primed to die badly of some latent disease, superbug or a random cold sooner than later.

I don’t think all the Health Ranger analysis is great - he tends towards extreme worst case scenarios, but I’m glad he brought forward this obscure researcher’s perspective

All those thinktanks are infected with the hubris of thinking in knowing what they are doing. Morally, all are bankrupt. The momentary non-kinetic warefare = obvious.
My question today is have those tricksters thinktanks inadvertenly activated a worldwide exstintion event? Controll ideas could be a costly mirage humanity cannot efford.

In the end this speculation is as good as any other but brings nothing to the table.