Finished Reading The Giza Death Star Revisited

Finished reading Revisited this am. Good book. Many thoughts – eight so far. Here is one of them:

  1. Understanding the powers and characteristics of crystals is helpful - crystals are not rocks; they are minerals - big difference. It appears crystals have electromagnetic acoustical longitudinal wave characteristics. Not only that, should crystals also have a space-time components (as suggested); then, they could be the mechanism of multi-dimensions of what we see with our eyes - eyes that do not see what’s on the other sides. One never sees all sides of a crystal.

Has anyone else finished the book? Would like to drop one of my other thoughts, but …

Science tells us that all granite rock on the Earth formed from the slow crystallization of molten rock. Yet, Dr Robert V Gentry unequivocally, and positively proved the existence of Polonium ‘Halos’ are present in ALL GRANITE rocks on the Planet Earth. By the way that would also include the granite rock used in the construction of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Polonium halos appear to suggest an extremely rapid formation of some of the Earth, which can be divided into four layers. A thin crust, a mantle, an outer core, and finally an inner core of iron. Dr Gentry was given permission by the Soviet Union to travel to Siberia and obtain core samples from a 8k deep borehole in Siberia. He also obtained samples from numerous other boreholes, which means he obtained a sufficient number for his work.

Polonium isotopes are present in ALL granite. Most interesting is he established beyond any doubt that ALL granite rock was formed very quickly, and NOT over long periods of geologic time. Read all about polonium in granite, and even within deep unground layers of coal.


The decay rate, or rather half-life of many isotopes of Polonium are measured over a very short time. Some Polonium isotypes have an incredibly short half-life. Isotopes of polonium - Wikipedia (Isotopes of polonium - Wikipedia).

Meaning Polonium is so reactive it must be handled with extreme care. Dr Gentry used the highly sensitive equipment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory at Oak Ridge, TN.

Gentry conclusively proved Polonium haloes are within all solid granite rock, and the haloes were formed within minutes. Conventional geology teaches it took granite rock a very, very, very long period of time to cool, and thus Polonium Haloes should not be present in granite since they would be obscured. At best they are simply a mysterious, inexplicable anomaly that is beyond the present understanding of conventional thinking as taught in the corridors of so-called ‘Higher Learning’.

The answer of how that was possible has been a subject of controversy ever since Dr Gentry produced his evidence in the Oak Ridge TN National Laboratories. Gentry chose to explain the existence of those polonium halos to be positive proof that the ‘GOD’ of the Bible was responsible for creating the planet Earth in 6, 24 hours days. Of course, he was wrong on that point, but with regard to the rest of his scientific work none of it has ever been proved to be in error.

So, what is the answer? Much, much more could be written that is so straight-forward it will ‘boggle’ your mind.


now try this to translate it into the alchemy of the body/mind.

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Thanks for pointing this out!! Divergent posted a video of the translations of some clay tablets stored in Switzerland & Lithuania(I believe?). Whatever, they tell the tale of how 445,000 years ago, one of the contenders of the ‘god’ on Nibiru escaped after a war there & landed on our planet. So he would have been the one that advised Nibiru of there being Gold here! So the “arrival” of humanity would have been after that. I thought it was interesting when Nibiru sent a contingent here to check things out, they built Eridu(Matt LaCroix) in 6 days & designated the 7th day as a day of Rest!! There are so many clay tablets that have NOT been translated, it’s ridiculous. Where did the Genesis Story of Creation come from???


Is this the same guy you used to talk about you met through some close relatives? If so, interesting that his research coincides with some of what Dr. Farrell writes about and is related to TN.

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Can you do that? Over my head.

Know where the Genesis came from, but missed Divergent’s video. The Swiss connection is interesting considering their history, the esoteric-ish groups that meet there, along with CERN of course.


Thanks @RhebaRhae for starting a thread on this book.
I haven’t quite finished the book, yet, just starting the section on rotating pyramids.

My spouse and I belong to a cohort with weak physics backgrounds (and understanding) and so Dr. Farrell’s books have been somewhat of a challenge for us in terms of dot connecting. That is why we joined the forum, and that is why we’re glad that some people are discussing the books, as our weak background makes for a longer time for us to process and assimilate the information.

When we picked up the first Giza book (The Giza Death Star) just over a year and a half ago, we were floored (and perhaps embarrassed) at just how much we didn’t/don’t understand about our world. Humbling journey for us, and we’re persisting, as this is fascinating.

I’m finding also parallels in how much of the physics ties into psychology. Even the crystal question has me thinking of “totalitarianism” as being some kind of rigid “mind” crystal that the ruling class are trying to create, and it brings up questions around how “intentional intelligence” guides the make-up of a crystal in the physical and mental world.

We are so weak in physics (thus had trouble with some of the vocabulary and concepts) that we signed up for a very basic online sacred geometry course, put together by Jain 108, an artist who conveys basic ideas through drawings. (In one of his books, he said that he was diagnosed as dyslexic, and if that is true, then he has our admiration with how he’s worked through that difficulty and able to draw mathematics to help people like ourselves at a basic level.)

With discussion about plasma in the book, we were pleased to see Jain 108 in a short video holding up a plasma lamp and touching it with a quartz crystal. This now helps me envision lightening as plasma.

( I am happy to see discussion about any and all of the books, as we have wondered if some people on the forum may be trolling for business or other purposes, as some don’t seem to have much interest in topics related to the books. )


Keep it coming Rheba - any insights would be appreciated.


Physics is tough, I only got through the first tier physics course at college (Mechanics).

Second course on electromagnetism is based on second calculus course, integral calculus, really confusing.

Here’s what some of the equations look like:


Yes, Dr Gentry was a 7th Day Adventist [passed away several years ago]. He taught the Sabbath school class my wife and I attended at the Knoxville Church. That was back in the day when I had a religious understanding of Christianity. Then once I started listening to JPF on The Byte Show my outlook slowly began to change to being a bit skeptical of some of the Biblical ‘stories’. What really did it for me was to reconcile the event where Christ took Peter, James, and John up a mountain with him in order to act as witnesses to an important event. Some believe it was on Mount Tabor, but many scholars prefer Mount Hermon. Not an important difference to me. I attribute some Truth to that event because Christ had witnesses. But the story about the 13th Apostle, who was formerly known as Saul but changed his name to Paul, being caught up into the 7th Heaven to meet God is way too suspicious sounding to me. Then the story about Ellen White the founder of 7th Day Advenistism being caught up into Heaven also seems to be quite suspicious for the same reason, no witnesses. Although their stories may ‘sound’ convincing on the first read, once we apply further consideration to their experience they lack one important element, and it is missing in both stories. It is a very important missing element, which is: There were NO WITNESSES to their visions. In my final analysis there is one important consideration to ponder, which is that in order to make a Lie believable there does need to be some amount of Truth in the Lie.


Huge question, few real answers though. First there was an infinite ‘sea’ of Nothingness, then there was Light. Sounds a bit like the analogy JPF sometimes uses. Try to imagine a ‘sea’ of Nothingness; then imagine it would be possible to ‘cleave’ that Nothingness into 2 parts. What one then has are the 2 - parts of Nothingness, and the common surface between the 2 - parts. In other words there would be 3 things, which sounds like a Trinity.

Some folks believe God is omnipotent, all-knowing, and ever-present. Again, a Trinity. Some folks believe there is God the Father, God the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit. Again, this sounds like a trinity.

Also go to The Byte Show archive - look for the God, Man & Lucifer audio files recorded in 2008 (


It seems our Genesis Creation story was adapted from the Enuma Elish & Atrahasis. It is kind of a generic version of the Annunaki story.


I had really thought that we evolved from monkeys because that’s what they told us and printed in the books, but now it seems foolish to think that.

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This is a very interesting thought. Perhaps we should continue to explore just how far into our world the crystal structure goes.

Am not a strong math person. Other’s algorithms don’t seem to work well for me. Have my own way to figure things out soooo Dr. Farrell’s deep math chapters are pretty hit and miss, but do have acess to someone who is very good in all areas of measurement. Needless to say there are some areas in Dr. Farrell’s books that I don’t tend to graze on, but move on after a decent tarry. Must say though, the more of his books I read, the more I “get it.”

Interesting video.


Think of the other stories to be a confirmation of Genesis, not the other way around.


Soooo, here’s another one of my nine thoughts. Was inspired to post this one next because of @sunnyboy comments.

  1. At first it appeared that the Great Pyramid, perhaps all them – physically turned underground. Instead, the turning was not the structure itself, but the movement of energy along the outside of the structure, turning like an auger or like a tornado up and beyond the top of the structure and through the waters, the firmament, and the next level of waters (See Genesis 1).



But…which stories came FIRST???

Doesn’t matter. Each recorded what happened in their respective cultural scenario.

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