Gathering Opinions: Why do YOU think Australia & New Zealand, Specifically, Are Being Hit w/Such Harsh Restrictions?

Thank you Mairin, for sharing this profound wisdom - I really enjoyed your post!


I would like to hear your expansion on this thought, please?

they definitely have their agenda. but as mairin wrote above, u have to play by they rules but there r universal roles and many levels and dimensions and they do not want u to know how powerful u really r.

how about that australia had to hand over a navy base to pfizer because they did not meet their vaccination goals for 3 consequtive months…

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And what might that other agenda be?

I’ve heard that, but not sure it isn’t disinfo.

it was a satire (here:Pfizer seizes HMAS Stirling Naval Base after Morrison fails to meet vaccination targets - EZFKA) after some state-pfizer contracts found daylight last year:
LEAKED Pfizer Documents Show How Much They Control - The Tatum Report
Pfizer contract with Albania for Covid-19 vaccines raises eyebrows: Details
even at the eu-parliament, when deciding on further communal procurement for pfizer vaccines, the representatives got heavily redacted contract to ‘look’ at.


What do you think about the force they are using against the Indigenous Australians to take the jab?

it seems like that somehow-someway china aborted the common globalist goals. the aukus got anti-china fast. justa as trump warp-speeded usa into lets go blindenenko brand ‘-on’ -ed (pfizer™) existence. one is ‘out of head’ watching all the transpiring possibilities.

look at this. a merger made in hell. wellcome uk-german cyborg-soldiers.

i heard somewhere that hitler could clone already. or again. depending on ur viewpoint.

an interesting data on new zealand:


and this is australia:


i think almost all the satanists identify as ‘christian’, am i right?

Very interesting, Thx!

and count the population density as well. and one of the best infrastructures, mines, water. all on ‘aborigin’ lands or mostly outsourced to china already and now they do not want to pay. fragments of the picture

Reasons I’ve seen here that I agree with:

  1. Isolation - not only from the RoW but from each other.

  2. Proximity to Antarctica.

  3. Low population density (AUS) - so internal isolation of the few large pop-centres from each other.

  4. High levels of recent immigration from SE Asia to large pop-centres (not sure why this would be a reason, but it is a fact).

  5. History - ok, there was forced acquiescence to authority when it was a prison colony (AUS), but NZ is very different. Later colonisation by farmers plus a bourgeois admin/services class right from the beginning. And AUS has also got a history of lawlessness especially in the outback - the Hells Angels & other motorcycle gangs were notorious, and deeply involved with drug trafficking, linked to the US and therefore probably to the CIA/DS. Remember, AUS sent fighters to VietNam unlike UK, so there’s a recent underground historical link to the US, perhaps boosted with the recent immigration from that quarter.

If you wanted to set up a terrestrial version of a local NWO, with a slave state (AUS) managed by an unassailable elite living the good life at an idyllic nearby (in global terms) location (NZ), that would correspond quite well with a couple of scifi scenarios, like the remake of Total Recall.

Can’t think of anything else, hth.


An overview of the current state of New Zealand for those interested. Not pretty reading at all. Our horrendous Prime Minister is definitely the major reason for the current state of affairs.

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So, we want to conquer a large geographical area in which to establish a safe, well-stocked, easy to control base of operations. All this without going kinetic. AU and NZ come to mind for a few reasons:

  1. Huge islands, far from other continental land masses. Each encompasses a single political entity. No other political entity fits the bill.
    This suggests: the planners expect organized pushback from somewhere in continental landmasses, or trouble to arise there long-term.

  2. Logistically they make a sea invasion a nightmare w/ standard tech.
    This suggests: the planners need an area to defend against opponents utilizing with standard tech. (no galactic federation to the rescue).

  3. Both have a significant agricultural and natural resources capacity.
    This suggests: the planners need material and food fit for human consumption + water down the line.

  4. Both countries taken together have a pop of about 30 million, primarily arranged along a few coastal areas. Area of a bit more of 3 million sq miles combined. By comparison Russia is 6.6 million sq. mi. w/ about 145 million people, and China about 3.3 million sq. mi. with 1.5 billion people. Coastal areas easy to isolate and control. Other areas capable of supporting large population growth.
    This suggests: the planners have limited resources and are not as strong resource-wise, as we may fear. It also suggests a large population inflow or growth, may be in the cards.

  5. Same language. Similar legal system modeled on the UK system and exposed to UK crown judicial/political interference.
    This suggests: the planners are familiar with that system, language, and can operate within those confines most efficiently…

Summing up: you want to use non kinetic warfare to conquer a large area in which to establish a base of operations, long-term. You’d pick one that (i) can be easily conquered (familiarity with the legal system, language, and with few defenders), (ii) has plenty of resources to support your long-term ops , (iii) can be easily defended.

The closeness to Antarctica and the control of a spiritually advanced aboriginal pop. – as others have noted below – are the icing on the cake?

Have a great day.

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How about their historical link with the British colonization of the empire? British agents were always sent to “manage” local influencers and it has never stopped. MI5 and MI6 have been in existence for over a hundred years and various previous organizations before that took care of the Empire’s “business” and “interests”.

Wow! That is very interesting! It does appear there is an inverted emphasis upon society and the elites projected vision of the future. Son’s of Belial are emerging to the surface with a similar inverted version of the world, reality and matters of spirit.

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Fitts mentions in the 3rd quarter 2021 wrap up with Joseph that she has many contacts/members of Solari in Australia. Salient point: the Aussies had a fantastic life before lockdown—surfing, swimming and making money—a perfect life of business and pleasure! My conjecture from all this is that Australia is a beautiful piece of real estate that the kakistocracy want for themselves and themselves alone! They did a preliminary ‘eviction’ with the direct energy weapon fires; now they are just going for straight out genocide. …Coming soon to another great piece of real estate, North America.


agree Bill, there seems to be a targeting of a familiar population by promoting safety via voluntary subjugation, and the masters knew just how to sell the vise. the masters are seeking to gain a critical mass of compliance in order for their plans to take a foothold. the comfortable status of the affluent west has caused people to be less aware of domination, as longs as the primary comforts (artisanal bread and streaming video circuses) are in place, there is less objection to the overlords.