Gone to the dogs- canine wannabees

There are a lot of comments on Twitter on this topic, some very amusing. The comment that struck me the most was “The explosion of gender identities is a recurring sign of cultural collapse throughout the history of civilization.”

The following is a copy and paste of an article by Vihanya Rakshika in The Straits Times (Singapore)

Gone to the dogs: Hundreds of human canine wannabes gather in Berlin

Individuals at the event were dressed in dog costumes, crawling on their fours and communicating by howling and barking.
Hundreds of people who say they identify as dogs attended a meeting at the Potsamer Platz railroad station, in central Berlin, on Tuesday.
According to the New York Post, nearly 1,000 of these “canine beings” turned up.
Videos of attendees circulating on social media and news platforms show individuals dressed in realistic full-body costumes or donning dog masks, with some crawling on all fours and communicating by howling and barking.
Some netizens have ridiculed the attendees, while others wondered how one might use the toilet dressed as a dog, or why they needed to wear masks if they identified as dogs.
“So you put on a mask to show your identity?” asked one user on X.
“Another Ruff night in the city center,” quipped another.
This unconventional meeting follows news of a [man in Japan, known as Toco] (Japanese man who spent nearly $20,000 on dog costume gets cage to fulfil canine fantasy | The Straits Times), who bought a hyperrealistic dog suit for US$14,000 (S$19,100) to “transform” himself in a dog.

Toco had previously told the New York Post that he wanted to meet others with similar canine aspirations, hoping that a community of like-minded individuals could be formed.

Others who have found fame online by embracing their canine identities include Mr Tom Peters, a 34-year-old Briton man who identifies as a dalmatian, and Mr Toru Ueda, a Tokyo engineer who spent US$23,000 on a custom wolf suit.

The 32-year-old told The Times that wearing his costume frees him from human interactions and troubles.


Imagine the $$$ one could make by training these ‘dogs’ to clean up after themselves by using a 'pooper scooper. If they go pee pee on the carpet, is rubbing their nose in it still an acceptable course of (learning) action? What about chasing cars, peeing on fire hydrants, sniffing human crotches, and so on? Would they be allowed to join law enforcement K-nine units? What about protections afforded by human rights via the ‘Woke Folx’? I only learned of that term yesterday. Until these questions and more are debated and answered, I say ‘There’s gold in them thar hills’ of doggy doo doo! What can I say? It’s the western capitalist in me. :wink:


Gives a whole new meaning to ‘howling at the moon’.

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My brother, who has had business dealings with some of them said that furrys are really weird in general, even when not in costume.

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This stuff feels surreal…

On Wednesday we attended the Million March 4 Kids, and what a weird feeling in that event…

A number of parents showed up (with their kids) who wanted to express concern and opposition for the weird sex porn being pushed on their kids at school. And then, to our shock, busloads upon busloads of extremely aggressive and loud “counter protestors” showed up in their rainbow “costumes”. The police had marked off a small circle into which the “protestors” were encouraged to be – and the mobs of “counter protestors” (which, we have no doubt were paid for and organized by the well-funded unions) surrounded them and engaged in loud, non-stop shouting, so that one could barely hear the speakers. The counter protesters outnumbered and overwhelmed the protestors by a significant margin, and their shouting was vicious and filled with hate for the parent protestors, and did not cease. The psychological violence of these “counter protestors” against the parents was palpable. It was so vicious, and the actual protestors were so outnumbered and overwhelmed by the union thugs (thanks to a piece in the local newspapers that week telling people that a “hate” protest was planned by the parents and for people to stay away) that the police convinced the protestors to call off the actual march which was planned.

We sense that this “trans” psyop is incredibly well organized, and we wonder if the “furry” thing is intended to be integrated seemlessly into this “trans” agenda. I wonder what is waiting, in the wings, to be launched: surgeries (e.g., to turn a nose into a snout) and injections of some kind of GMO (e.g., to grow fur on one’s skin)? Is there some big pharma waiting for just the right moment, to launch its goodies at kids, as has been done for all the sex changes? The furry thing is very disturbing, and it seems to be happening all over the occidental world now, not just in our local schools in Canada, but in Europe and USA as well. And unpleasant people seem to be at its helm, perhaps the same ones involved with the rainbow trans thing.

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Animal sacrifice and human sacrifice have been practiced by the (insert description here) for ages. This to me looks like the slow path of normalization and eventual acceptance by all, is picking up speed. Dogs and other ‘pets’ have already replaced children in many families with the parents often referring to themselves as ‘fur mommies & fur daddies’. The people at the ‘helm’ are pure psychopaths. Mankind’s love of animals is being taken advantage of big time. Wherever there’s a caring person, there’s someone ready to take advantage of that caring.

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Typical cbc, they only report on their side of the issue. You can’t get more biased than that. No surprise though.

Still biased in my opinion.

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If I were to run one of them over with my car, would that be considered property damage? Just asking for a friend.

That would probably depend on how much damage your car received. :wink:

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snap chat has an animal filter which used to be very popular.image

I’m sorry the anti-protesters ruined the parent’s march for children protest. Someone posted on here a zoom call with several anti-protesters organizing their plans to anti-protest. They are definitely well funded and organized unfortunately.

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