Has the Forum become a Cesspool?

I just KNEW you’d have something funny to say, David!! :laughing:


Well, who doesn’t like a certain kind of Beaver… but some are a tad “Suspect”…


Seemed like was about this argument here:


Cesspool! … that’s a tad extreme … Colourful … eclectic … diverse but above all … still THE best forum on the net … Thanks to ALL posters for making it so … Onward! … -------->


I’ve periodically watched this forum for a couple of years without logging in. Only recently, I decided to log in and throw in a comment here or there. In absolutely no time, I managed to offend at least one person despite my very minimal posting. It was a stark reminder of why I don’t normally participate in forums (aside from the epic amount of time that the endless posting consumes).

The concept of a forum is a great idea - bringing together like-minded people, who wouldn’t have otherwise met, to facilitate the expansion of thought via diverse perspectives and an extended depth of resources. While that’s all great in theory, the reality is that we don’t really know who is behind the avatar(s). Yes, you can get to know people, and sometimes even meet these people in person, develop new friendships and expand your own awareness, but that invisible person (or bot) behind the avatar (whether it be a symbol, your photo, or somebody else’s photo) can be a nefarious actor(s). I’m sure that on a website like this, there are several 3-letter agencies who have assigned an agent to infiltrate and interact (and those aren’t even the trolls!). So we must have that in the forefront of our minds as we pore over forums like this.

It’s funny if you think about it (and if you’re old enough to remember) - back in the day, before websites, before computers, before cell phones, we used to just go hang out with our friends (our inner circle) at their house, or some public venue. Sometimes we’d just sit around and talk, watch a movie, throw an album on the turntable, and just generally be at peace because we had intimate awareness of those we were with. In other words, we could see their Soul. There was a comfort in knowing what you could talk about and what you couldn’t - and, if it was truly your inner circle, then you could talk about anything with a satisfying knowing that you wouldn’t offend any of them. THAT is what does not exist on forums, nor could it ever, simply by default of the format of a forum itself.

With that, you’ve probably had enough of my babbling on about the virtues of analogue without actually using that word! For the New Year, I think I’ll go back to the simplicity of being in person with my inner circle, spinning albums (just bought a new turntable this year), minimize the “sucked in” time of the endlessness of forums, and maybe I’ll just check this one periodically without actually logging in. To all - Merry Christmas (yes, I said that) and all the best to you in health, happiness, and prosperity in the New Year!


Yes that was a great way to solve all the world’s problems.

The biggest issue in the “conspiracy” space is the vast amount of narratives that people chooose to beleive in.

There are many gurus who propose their own version of the various psyops that we are getting thrown at us.

That creates a bunch of camps with semi fanatics who are stuck in a worldview.
Throw religions and political views in the mix and here we are lol.

Thats one the reasons i really like Doc Farrell.
He has written a bunch of books, is a real schoolar etc.
But he isnt afraid to say that he has no clue about most topics.
He just makes theories and likes to speculate about weird topics.
Very humble and easy to listen too.

Then we have the David Ickes and Gigis of the world who are full blown narcissists claiming to know the truth becauce of downloads from the universe.



Would be greatly diminished if people on the forum actually read Dr. Farrell’s books and debate why they don’t agree or think otherwise and bring material in support of that opposition.


Why read books when you can just watch random crazies yelling on bitchute about how it all works :rofl:

But im guilty aswell, i havent read any of his books sadly.
Whereas SSP and the other topics doc is covering is very interesting.
Its just not what im most into, def not enough to buy books about it.

But i try to watch/listen to every interview i can find with him.

Im a decent multitasker i think, so I usually always have podcast or Youtube on while doing other stuff.

Hmmmm…now THAT is a good idea: a website THEME by the Eagles… “Welcome to the Giza Death Star Forum… what a lovely place…”


You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!!

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Stop crying like a coward, and stay, if you are strong enough to stand by your own merit, and by your own will, stead of relying on the crumbs of sympathy of other users like a beggar, or just go away to a place where weakness is celebrated, so that you can feast in your own.

This @thebeaver has as much right to his/her opinion, as you have to yours, and only a weakling allows the words of the others to have any impact upon him/her.

Disagree. Part of being a member in a community is being sensitive to the feelings of others, asking for guidance and feedback from trusted members, and striving for balance and fair play.


Im glad someone said it…
No disrespect to the Op though.

We are all different and react in various ways, but I think people should stop taking themselves so damn serious.
Why care if someone offends you on a internet board for dingdongs who talk about aliens and space Nazis.
And i mean that in the best way possible.

We are all crazy in here and i love it, we are the fringe of the fringe and that is really special.

Doesnt matter if everyone doesnt get along, imo thats the point.
We can talk about things here that very few can in real life.

Getting angry or upset just means that we are having real discussions.
Leaving becauce of that just empowers whoever upset you.

Just ignore whoever upset you and keep chatting to whoever you feel gives you positive energy if that is what you need.

I love trolling and bickering with strangers on the internet.
But if thats not your thing i totally understand it.
Im sure you can find both extremes here if you choose to stay.

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You are very welcome to totally disagree, even to attack me. There are those who really need to be cared like a small child, and it´s important to have those who have the patience and the skill to take care of them, and there are those who are able to care for themselves.

The spartans had a saying, wich is my Law: “Those who let themselves be enslaved, deserve to be slaves”

Words only hurt cowards who can´t believe in themselves enough to the point that anything that the other says is meaningless, regarding their own value. Technical arguments, philosophical speculation, and even trolling are just words in the end, sounds without power to tell anyone if they are worth something, or not.

The world is ruled by psychopaths who rapes children, and eat them while they are alive. Those people who get offended or hurt because of mere words are one of the motives why the rulers of the game hate common people so much, and works to kill them all. They see them as vermin unworth of even despise.

I hope everyone saw The Beaver Moon?!! :crazy_face:

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Effective and intelligent communication is not easy. I work on improving mine everyday…

Anybody can just blurt out whatever they are thinking with a total disregard for other peoples feelings; it takes no skill or intelligence and often does not lead to anything productive. We see that kind of communication everywhere these days… people going back and fourth, pointlessly arguing and never listening.

The thing I like about the Giza community is that people do practice patience, restraint and consideration. Yes there are a few wild cards… But it is, by and large, made up of people who want to learn, not just preach… In my opinion it’s not always about being right, it’s about learning and conversations that can lead to places I’d never have imagined.

Some people are analytical thinkers, some people are emotional thinkers, and most people fall somewhere on the spectrum in between… But here at the Death star, I enjoy the fact that most people are here to exchange information and ideas, and they put their egos aside. Obviously nobody gets along all the time… but it is the exception, not the norm… because we have some truly intelligent people here, who put a lot of thought into their replies, and get the most out the exchange.


Language is what allows us to think. Words can and do influence emotions. Hence the battle to change some definitions and the clever syntactical use of wording in everyday discussions.


Keep posting. You’re good.