Heartbreaking but essential piece on the absence of human spirit post jab

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Yup, WW3 is not us awating nukes, but is in full progress already. We just NEED TO reframe it.


No need to look beyond Steve Kerr and his f ing bull schlitz mouth!! GSW? Lol lol golden state killa lol it’s ok we have a worksite assault and battery, an out of his sanity player, committed felony assault and battery on his own team mate, in a meaningless practice shoot around, violent, to the max sucka punch, lol lol not the first time for mr green and not the last. This we get, Farhan zaidi and his mule the muscled Kapler decided they too can handle felonies internally by the team lol lol lol unfortunately for mlb, it leaked and we find out the dodgers Farhan was paying off rape victims to not file charges against his players, then lied about it! Was then promoted/banished to the giants lol lol! Now felony is a felony, and coaches aren’t judges nor are gm or owners lol lol but don’t tell me woke hypocrite Steve Kerr lol what a chump no wonder Jordan btch slapped him!! Kerr is a heal, a fake a fraud a woke lying joke. Covering up felony assault and battery, raging that it should be handled internally lol denial deflection minimalization divide distract…only upset that a cell phone vid disclosed his total fraud his lying bs fake that he is!! Kerr is as sick as it gets. Don’t think for one moment he’d be covering up (handling internally) murder rape etc just like Farhan from the dodgers same schlitz!!! Criminal conspiracy and just because the player he hit, won’t press charges, doesn’t release Kerr of responsibility harboring a felon!!! They offer the victim over $100 million any day now right!!! Talk about payoff buying silence. Ship mr green to Detroit and start over! Kerr is a pimple on the arse of champions!! I feel for mr curry? He deserves this? If mr green punched curry like that? You’d still be ok? Keep it in house? How bout if curry’s jaw was wired shut for the season? Still in house Kerr? What story you gonna foment out the pie hole where both reek loudly of your essence, make up a story bout he chomped on his wife’s cooking came down wrong on a bone shattered his jaw…fairytales admittedly lie lie lie lol lol lol next stop for Kerr US Congress the dems love him lol