Hippies with technology! (Some Good psytrance)

Some hippies left america and moved to the beaches of goa.
They started jamming and playing around with analogue synths.
That evolved into a style of trance music called goa trance.
Later it morphed into a genre called psy trance, that itself has branched into several sub genres like fullon(commercial crap) several styles of progressive trance and also some darker styles like darkpsy,Forest and hitech.
Im in to the dark and twisted part of the styles.
Here is something not to dark but still authentic and raw.

PS: dont listen to this on a crappy soundsystem.
You need it to be loud and clear!


A former coworker used to talk of using specific drugs for listening to specific kinds of music. He’s chemical free for quite a few years but has quite a repertoire of stories.

“I understood why the stage lights were bright and flashing, and why trance music is repetitive; the music and the drug perfectly complemented one another. It was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes and I could finally see what everyone else was seeing. It was wonderful.”

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Sounds like a smart guy!
Complicated music is one of my big passions together with optimising health and the overall human condition.

I got sucked Into the world of psychedelia when i was around 17.
Smoalked some salvia extract that shattered all my previous ideas of reality.

Almost 20years that later a full dose of salvia divinorum is still unmatched by anything ive experienced when it comes to the raw ego dissolving properties it has.

yep. salvia divinorum gives a big kick. although it opens up just ‘intermediaries’, the endless variations of forms and lights and directions, while the untrained my identifies itself with them, so it gets carried away to places that r not so nice. in other words, without training, thats just meddling with the psyche, and really-really not for ‘opening up worlds’ to the regular guy, but a boundless labyrinth of projections in which u get lost real fast. facets of the mind sparkling. childsplay with real dangers. dissolving ego into the abyss. losing your soul in other words.
you should try zazen or contemplative praying. separate ways but leads to the same goal. the real firestarters.

p.s.: the music is good. used to dance for these for many hours back in the days of my youth. and of course it was great… :sunglasses:

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I met Simon Posford a couple of times.
He made some of the best techno in my opinion.
When i asked ihm if ever got tired of making the same music for so long he said " Of course" that he tried to mix it up a bit and that even tho the music is a bit simple its still able to take you places.
I feel everyones music taste is as good as mine, but calling this complicated music, thats taking things way tooo far:)
That doesnt mean its bad, but its ridicilously easy to make.
An 808, SOme old jupiter, moogs and a prophet 6 and off you go…
Have a nice day :slight_smile:


would u care to elaborate these codewords to a poorly educated middle-european?

808 = classic drum machine in techno/hiphop
Jupiter,MoogsProphet are synths used in wide range of music styles but techno especially:)


thank you!
and the 20 beats to hit!

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Are these the same hippies that protested the use of computers by the military for surveillance in 1960’s and 1970’s that moved from the Russian River area (hippieville) in Northern California to Silicone Valley to cash in on the DotCom bubble when the (DARPANet) Internet was released to the public?

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and when the mobilephone came in the nineties, then in 2007 the first iphone. seems almost legendary by now.

I think the use in different cultures, such as South American jungles etc., should be included in “studies” to keep the statistical models clean. Just looking at one group muddies the water and we are all humans. If we just studied alcohol in the U.S. only, we’d lose site of things like many Chinese are allergic to alcohol and thereby produce fewer alcoholics. American Indians are very susceptible to negative affects alcohol can cause.


In the world of edm there is alot of copy/paste crap.
Making something that sounds good and original is far from easy.

Sure for someone with alot of experience it might be easy to make a track, but if you think somehow can just download ableton and make a track from scratch then you are quite arrogant to THE whole process.

There are many layers of sounds that need to sync without distortion and bad trance is worse then scratching a blackboard ime.

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Here is something a bit more dark and twisted.

radiOzora Hungary

I was at ozora in 2013, was probably the last edition before it turned into a commercial cash grab.
Was almost 30k people that year, way to much imo.

I prefer smaller gatherings with a couple houndred or att max 2-3k people.

Boom is probably the best of the bigger festivals ive been to.
But overall the big ones get to crowded and lacks the charm of a smaller more niche festival.

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Posford doesnt make techno though, he started with goa trance under the name hallucinogen and some other projects.
Later he formed shpongle which is his most famous stage name.
I used to listen to his stuff alot, he was def one of the pioneers.

But i grew quite tired of his sound and nowadays i need my music to be faster and darker.
Bit def a very talented producer.

we had some great parties back in the 90ies, many places rural, swimming pools. few hundreds to 1-2ks. chill out party sittin’ in the pool watching the sun rising. quite lively musics, good DJs, back then.

Yeh well distortion is caused by amateur recordings and bad mixing.
Leaving headroom in the mix is one of the first thing you learn to deal with.
i dare to make the claim the reason theres an incredible amount of terrible techno is just because it is one of the easier styles to record without some knowhow.
so the gap between good and bad techno is so huge.
i dont mean to sound arrogant, but with a little experience from both pop/rock ,hiphop and jazz,the techno projects with a friend is the one that took the least time make almost no rehearsals needed and the one with least need for mixing.
THeres little to none vocals or open room recording situations, you dont need to record take 67 of some guitarist or vocalist getting it right,and synths and drummachines needs less mixing than most other styles.
BUt Great techno is by no means easy, i just mean its easier.
IF it makes sense…
Have a nice day

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im too old for bpm over 140 :joy:


And in creeps the notion of soulful expression. Could you imagine Hendrix (or other) with no distortion? I know, totally different categories.