Homecoming queen candidate, 17, dead at the game


@annekarina53 Was this young lady a friend of yours? Know of her?

Know of her. Near school district. In other words, this one hit close to home. I’m old. Last time I heard of someone dying on homecoming in this area was probably around 1970 when my cousin’s wife’s sister, homecoming queen that night, died after game at a bad intersection.

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@annekarina53 Oh my. I wonder if this young woman had the jab? (I’m old too…)

17, in high school. I’m sure a lot of folks if they wonder about these things are thinking the same. Tragic event, regardless and probably senseless. This is not an area where members of the “homecoming” court would be during “useless” teenage activities before or during a game. They would most likely be well behaved. So, yeah. It raises questions that may or may not have answers made public.

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Could be any number of health issues. She seemed a little over weight compared to her peers.