"Homeless" Encampments

I have watched some YouTube videos of walks through cities of the world.
I especially noticed that you don’t see tents or vagrants in the walks of Moscow or other cities other than the US. It makes you wonder…

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Not to wonder; Russia doesn’t allow it. They put you in jail and not with 3 hots and a cot either.


Also I never see any ILLEGAL ALIENS either. Except here or in Europe. It makes you wonder…


Not to wonder, they’re in jail with the homeless; or been booted from the country (if they ever got in at all).

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Well the Russian prison population is listed at less than half a million people (0.4), much les than 1.6 million in the U.S. or 1.7 in China.


Lack of real freedom and threat of death by guards who abuse you (many prisoners outright murdered by them). In addition, The State will tend to put a lid on things.

Take a look at the posts on videos from 1420. A number of people say very plainly they’d rather fight the war than go to jail. Gee, I wonder why?

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Wow, that does sound worse to be murdered by a prison guard instead of dying at war, that would generally be considered to be a more honorable death to die in battle I can see why people would prefer that. Someone did die at a local jail near me once but supposedly that was just criminal neglect of the guards, not intentional murder.

Anyway back to @bluefalken’s original question about why there are no homeless camps on city streets, I think the answer is more complicated than simply they’ve all been arrested, although obviously that would be a deterrent for most people to not set up a tent on a sidewalk in the first place if they know they’ll be thrown in jail the next day for that.

It is true the population of Russia is less than half of the U.S., and also those statistics I posted may be off I can’t find the page where I found that when I did a search yesterday but statistics from the BBC are even higher, 2.1 million in the u.s., 1.5 million in China, and 0.8 in Russia. China has a way, way higher population at 1.4 billion, so percentage of Chinese people in jail is much lower than either Russia or the U.S., but the percentage of Russians in jail is a little lower than Americans. They use the statistic of “Population of prisoners per 100,000” here instead of percent, not sure why kind of confusing numbers:


Here Michael Moore visits some prisons in Norway, these are a lot different: