If this surprises you


Occasionally we have seen video images of Biden talking, which don’t seem to look like him, somehow, and then someone put together some of photos in this article…

Anyone have any thoughts about the photos in that article?

@sunnyboy This is fake news. Joe Biden IS Joe Biden. I went through this on another site. Before he goes to the cameras, there’s make-up and a little something that us girls & many who’ve had strokes use called “lift tape”. It lifts the face, neck, chin, depending upon how and where you anchor it, usually behind the ear. This is very common and ol’ Joe almost lost his tape some months ago in the wind out on a tarmac. Jim Stone made the same claims of a role-player. This does not mean Biden doesn’t have a double, but he is still one of the girls when it comes to cosmetics.

Thank you so much for that! Much appreciated!

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