Interview with bernard grover here on the royalist scenario

There’s a new interview here with Bernard Grover:


it was great! thank you Joseph and Bernard.

Happy and Blessed Easter!

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The only way to eliminate the cockroaches hiding deep inside our walls is to make them feel safe and bring them into the light.


Loved it. I still have have to watch the last 30 minutes because I had to go to work, yard work that is. Had a decent Saturday in the Burgh to gets things done. I’ll watch the rest tomorrow.

Just to add contrarian view of why Trump has the kind of “royalist” following which you discussed briefly in this interview. It is what he has said that we aren’t allowed to hear.


Thanks for sharing… definitely worth some consideration!

The Treaty of Westphalia


Have been fascinated with Dr. Farrell @vardas3 and Bernard’s @radiofarside interview re: an apparent re-appearance of the old noble/royal families. If you haven’t listened to the interview, it is worth the time.

Anyway, here is an interview on The Epoch Times that goes right along with their thinking. Who knew the knew the Arch-Duke of Austria Hungary was still around and active.

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And, then break-out a mega ton of insecticide.

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Or all of us, the billions of humans harmed by these criminals, come out and literally stomp them out. That would give us closure on this insanity.

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