Is the term Geopolitics nazi invention?

According to the ‘Encyclopedia Americana’ editions accessible from the 1960s, geopolitics was defined as follows: ‘For this university of education… modem Germany – The Third Reich – is primarily responsible. The war which blocked Germany’s initial drive for world dominion (WWI), and the revolution which put into power the Nazis who were to launch the second drive, gave us geopolitics. German GEOPOLITIK is the logical product of a materialistic and deterministic school of thought which, through more than two centuries, has progressively gained sway over the German mind until it reduced man to the status of a biochemical entity. Geopolitics, in its quest for an invincible brand of power politics, has taken unto itself such varied fields as economics, jurisprudence, the social sciences, medicine, psychology and military strategy’.

The accuracy of this assessment – complete with the realisation by the author that the Second World War represented a further drive for world domination, implying that the drive had by no means been abandoned – is unique for the period.

The ‘American Encyclopedic Dictionary’, also dating from the 1960s, described geopolitics specifically as ‘a doctrine of Nazi Germany, advocating aggressive expansion’. And in his address to American students attending Lenin University in the 1930s for indoctrination (incorporated as a preface to ‘Brainwashing’, the version of The Communist Manual of Instructions on Psychopolitical Warfare’, which was used in the United States in the 1930s for the training of Communist cadres in the United States, the deep covert German Abwehr operative and long-term German penetration agent, Lavrentii Beria, who headed Stalin’s repressive NKVD (Interior Ministry and a predecessor of the KGB) asserted:

‘Psychopolitics is an important if less known, division of geopolitics’.

So Beria presided over the implementation of the pan-German (Nan) tradition and methodology of geopolitics in the Soviet Union, which he integrated into the curriculum for the training of Soviet and external Communist cadres.

It is hard to imagine a more absolute confirmation of the fundamental identity of National Socialism (Nazism) with International Socialism (Communism), which the llluminati manipulated dialectically then, and are continuing to manipulate today, in furtherance of their global hegemony agenda. Lenin himself was a German Abwehr agent, who consolidated the breakthrough achieved by his fellow German agent – the psychopolitical operative, Rasputin, whose infiltration into the inner sanctum of the confused, superstitious and semi-deranged Russian Imperial Family, procured the disintegration of Tsarist power. Other German or German-tradition psychopolitical operatives who performed a similar function have included [see also page 173]:

• Mrs. Wallis Simpson, the sinister German Abwehr agent who, using her occult female powers, bewitched her target Edward VIII as part of an elaborate German operation which was intended to keep the British out of the wars that the occult Illuminist Adolf Hitler and his Black Illuminati colleagues were planning.

• Susie Orbach, a US West Coast ‘psychoanalyst’ practising in London, who may have been instrumental in converting her target Princess Diana from being a sweet, semi-innocent Princess into a hard-bitten and embittered divorcee, bent on revenge.

The Author has been informed that German occult Black intelligence is particularly keen on this form of subversion, which involves placing a ‘healer’ adjacent to the targeted individual, for subversion purposes. There was no difference at all between this methodology and that promulgated by the odious Lavrentii Beria, who wrote:

‘Psychopolitics is a solemn charge. With it you can erase our enemies as insects. You can cripple the efficiency of leaders by striking insanity into their families through the use of drugs…. You can change their loyalties by psychopolitics…. By psychopolitics create chaos, leave a nation leaderless”.

And the ‘Manual’, based on the occultic German methodology that Beria used, advocated ‘creating a greed for drugs, sexual misbehaviour and uncontrolled freedom…. By making readily available drugs of various kinds, by giving the teenager alcohol, by praising his wildness, by stimulating him with sex literature and advertising to him or her practices as taught at the Sexpol, the psychopolitical operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness and worthlessness…’ needed to facilitate the attainment of hegemonic objectives.
GO-2, a ‘Black’ intelligence cadre located inside MI6, is engaged in precisely such subversive drug-distribution operations on behalf of the Illuminati. It should be closed down immediately.

The whole article: Know Your Enemy: Gang Stalking, MKULTRA, Scientiology are “Zionazi” (Luciferian-Illuminati-Jewish-Masonic-German/Soviet-Nazi-UK-US-Israeli) “Psycho-Political Warfare”/”Psycho-Terrorism”/”Intelligence Operations” (From Story (2006)) – Gang Stalking, Mind Control, and Cults

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