Last Wednesday you’ll recall I blogged about an article that had been shared by W.G., about German Chancellor Scholz’s recent visit to Beijing, and what its real (business) purposes were. In short, they were about laying the long-term groundwork for a German “Reformation” and revolt from the papal authority of Swampington, DC. Well, W.G. also…


It all sounds very dramatic; Zero Hedge has a habit of doing that. As a retired XOM who worked Sakhalin on numerous occasions, this move was fully expected and good luck to the Japanese with it.

The Japanese, by their nature, are a very orderly people. The Russians are not; at least, not with respect to their O&G projects. What we found was a “maze” of ramshackled pieces of discarded parts from different places & manufacturers put together like a moonshiners backcountry still. Surprised the whole works didn’t blow sky high! It took years for us to get the parts and workings properly aligned; Lord knows what it’s looking like now.

BTW, Tillerson forgot his own rules when dealing with Russia. When I was sent to “Negotiating” classes, the #1 Rule: Making NO DEAL is better than making a deal that you know you can’t live with. Tillerson broke that “rule” with Rosneft. During his stint as SOS during Trump admin., most of his time was spent in retribution toward Russia for his own failure to make a good deal because his greed & that of his predecessors got the best of them.

Good Luck, Japan! The Russians aren’t going to fund you. You’ll have to spend your Yen & jump through Russian hoops to be successful in this venture. Should be quite a circus with lots of laughs from those of us on the outside looking in who’ve been through The Russian Ringling Bros.

If anyone can do it, you can, Japan!


You might be interested in F. William Engdahl whose done extensive research in the oil biz; as well as Michael Hudson, who worked for David Rockefeller in his oil business. Both have viewpoints based on both; hands on experience and inside information regarding the petroleum economic model of doing business globally.

Especially, Engdahl’s book: Myths, Lies and Oil Wars.


Thanks Robert. I am aware of both.

@thebeaver they dont have option if want to meat the current consumption [1] probably rising further and further, and as could be seen started experimenting with clathrate extraction 10 years ago but still are nowhere p.33 [2] on the flip side this is bonus for the world peace tho if continue to defy the sanctioners lobby! but are they so independent or just trying to revert the hysteria and if not else to signal Russia and China that are not taking side in eventual global geopolitical clash!?

is diplomacy ever done by seating on few chairs, surely those that have acrobalance skills can do usually impossible things! the question how this information now is influencing the japanese and russian markets, could it be permanent or it will be just temporary decision, probably elections will determine, but think after Abe smack will be even more difficult for euroatlantic’determinists to control the unipolar narrative in Japan, defacto he left legacy of embracing multipolar world with his balanced diplomacy [3][4] what probably is stance of the ruling elite in Japan now …

… if so then should we expect soft or hard power massage for them, earthquakes come to mind [5][6][6][6]

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