Jim Marrs 2009 interview

2009 interview with the great researcher Jim Marrs:


One wonders what he would have to say about today’s world!
Miss his insights.


Thanks, Dana! I had not seen that one.

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same words as above this.

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I’ve spent my life studying both Jim Marrs and his subjects. I’ve commented here about mr Marrs several times. His passing painful, he did leave us some cool things. One I’ll point you to here. No one ever mentions this but I will. He was a guest narrator on a tv special about a dirigible hitting a windmill in Texas, his sense of bewilderment and humor priceless as the show ends his camera is leaving town and one can gaze at the freeway autos whizzing by city limits sign heat waves blurr the clarity of the focusing lense and suddenly it dawned on me that the creepy eerie feeling I got was created simply by filming the reflection of that distanced town, in his Rear View mirror.
PS: light years ahead on this curve folks I first recognized his superiority in journalistic realism, seeing his photo of himself dancing with the famous stripper at Jack rubies niteclub the year jfk was murdered. A real journalist…


Someone I adored and miss terribly. Thank you, Dana, for posting this.


The CIA - Sorry -Youtube have closed the account associated with truth.

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This is an incredibly important interview for younger people who do not know who Jim Marrs was. Whilst the interview with Daniel Liszt is about 9/11, he covers Gulf of Tonkin in a way that speaks directly to the Planscamdemic. In fact the entire interview from 2016 speaks to where we are now. The way The Powers That Be tried to scrub this interview from existence is one of those indicators that this is extraordinarily important and worth revisiting.


Video now unavailable!!

oh, boy!

they are really trying to cut all loose ends.

I can still play it thru the link.
I use Brave as browser and I put on open DNS in the privacy tab.


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And, the revolution will not be televised; nor shown on Youtube.
Ministry of Truth, Orwellian to the core.