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This story is an unusual one, because virtually nothing, and I mean nothing is being said about it. There was, of course, the usual flurry of news in the media, and then the story seems to fade from front-and-center as our attention is made to lurch from one crisis to another: the Ukraine, Maui, Israel and Hamas……


It’s time to have a conversation about mermaid flatulence from a meat based diet.

Brings to mind the question what % was Weather Manipulation and what % Plasma manipulation?

This storm seem too focused to be organic. We hear about storms 2-3 weeks out now (by the minute), and not a work about this one?

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Excellent blog.

I wonder if there is any ‘consensus’ on the redevelopment options for Maui and Alcapulco? What’s the timeline. Seems like there will be some delay so people can be distracted and forget.

What city is the next target?

  • outstanding beauty, Ocean transportation access, subject to hurricanes or other natural or man made disasters, a local population that lucked into such prime real estate and are seemingly not well equipped to fight back or organize, won’t immediately bankrupt insurance or other key industries if destroyed by the disaster, skills to rebuild, proximity to other key cities and a little cache.

The Black Sea, Gaza, something in the Florida or Texas Gulf or the Caribbean or maybe Brazil. Hopefully nuclear power plants will be avoided.

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Watching said “extra source” is better than imagining it. Just a few words of introduction…

  1. Five Tropical Storms: Otis was the fourth tropical storm to strike the Mexican Pacific coast in a string of five (Pilar is in progress). Seems to me “they” were practicing and refining, just like Calvin paved the way for Dora’s role in the Maui narrative.

Lidia: October 3-11, 2023, Cat-4, Puerta Vallarta
Max: October 8-10, 2023, Tropical Storm, Guerrero
Norma: October 17-23, 2023, Cat-1, Cabo San Lucas
Otis: October 22-25, 2023, Cat-5, Acapulco
Pilar: October 28-??, 2023 Tropical Storm? El Salvador, Hawaii?

  1. Missing Satellite Data: Archived NOAA satellite still photo imagery is archived ten days to the public, so as of today (30 Oct 2023) one can verify that some the aforementioned “balanced cyclonic ramp-up” of Otis is MISSING. Files for 0710-1100 UTC, inclusive, are not there. Given what is happening post-storm in Acapulco, the absence of data is quite suspicious.

OK, enough introduction.

3. Learning from Otis: Archived NOAA satellite animated imagery for Otis (as a tracked storm) only goes back to 24 Oct 06:40 local (12:40 UTC), so the full “balanced cyclonic ramp-up” is not available to watch. What is balanced cyclonic ramp-up? It is my term for the manipulated transition from a weak, disorganized collection of rapidly expanding and collapsing clouds into a tightly and precisely formed symmetrical donut (or sphincter if you like), complete with eyewall. It is like adding spin to a wobbling toy top on a table.

4. Learning from Lidia: Archived animation imagery for Lidia shows how “they” typically perform “balanced cyclonic ramp-up.” I recommend watching it multiple times at maximum playback speed as well as single-stepping forward and reverse.

a.) Isolated Rapidly Rising Air Masses: Starting at 04:10, a black dot appears, which is a colder and higher air mass (clouds) than the red and yellows. Actually, there is even a bit of white which is even colder and higher. So, in the space of ten minutes (images are at 10-min intervals) that area of Lidia just spewed up a column of clouds that quickly expanded (05:10). Where did all that energy come from? Other instances of these black/white-colored cloud columns can be seen throughout the video, such as those in the purported “bands” of clouds (most, if not all, laid by chemtrail aircraft). They look like sauce bubbling in a stovetop pan.

b.) Lateral Energy Not Spiral: Energy is being added as storm intensification continues as evidenced by repeated bursts of color within the storm. “They” have learned how, where and when to excite the air mass to increase rotation speed. Note how lines (of colder air) splay outward (explode?) laterally in a radial pattern with no indication of rotation.

5. Learning from Ian (Sep 2022): Last year, hurricane Ian rapidly intensified into a Cat-3 just before hitting Cuba. I previously posted about strange columns rising from Ian just before landfall. The late, low sun angle highlighted the highest column I have seen to date and it just burst out of the eyewall. I mean this thing shot up way above the hurricane.

And when you zoom in (below), well, it looks… artificial if you ask me. Those arms are exactly 180-degrees apart! That is not natural.

Additionally, in the video below, eyewall rotation of Ian as it nears Cuba looks artificial, too. Seems to be some sort of electro-rotator to me.

6. Hurricane Steering: While we are on the subject of Ian, here is an image I crudely made as Ian was ravishing Florida the day after Cuba. Dark blue, yellow and orange increasingly signify heat in the upper troposphere where the jet stream formerly played. By applying more and less heat “they” can steer pretty much any air mass they like.

And of course they did it to Otis (you can see them doing it to Tammy in the Atlantic, too).

And let’s not leave Lidia out:

7. Summary: NOAA knew exactly what was happening, they did not need a hurricane hunter aircraft to inform them differently. Like the many dozens of hurricanes that preceded Otis, it is how they CREATE, SUSTAIN and DELIVER them to their intended targets.


Dang that is deep man

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Not only was Otis and the plethura of other hurricanes not organic, but the entire climate is being hacked worldwide. I contend there is no natural weather.

We are not thinking BIG enough. Reading Elana Freeland’s trio of books and hearing Catherine Austin Fitts’ recent comments about the control grid in space really expanded my mind as to the technologies being arrayed against us.

Understand that I have a head start; been watching chemtrails since '98, satellite imagery since the mid-2000’s and DEW-caused wildfires since '21. Not to mention the tens of thousands of daily photographs and videos I have of skies above at home and while traveling.

I just don’t know WHO or how many nationalities are involved.

Think bigger. One key function of their weather control apparatus is acceleration of the water vapor cycle: Evaporation, Nucleation, Transportation, Precipitation. Want to see deeper? Watch the Full Disk Band-08 animation for a couple of days and zoom in on South America. Note the daily intensification of heat above the Andes where Bolivia meets Chile and Argentina. Each day from 08:00AM until noon time (12:00-16:00 UTC) this area heats up and then high clouds appear like light switches and by evening the clouds dissipate.

@cowboycraig I contend that most of the water vapor did not fall to earth as it used to in Weather 1.0; instead, in Weather 2.0 it is placed a the proper elevation and transported elsewhere. I mean, like, look at how much is flowing out to the Atlantic and up to the Gulf of Mexico. It is being done all day, every day, all over the globe.


Not as deep as the doo-doo we are in. It is out of control.


Just like they just did to us in Texas AGAIN. First, they prevented rain and increased the temperatures continually all summer. Last week, they started a rain pattern with cloud bursts that carry the fine sediments to all the low lying (dry creeks and ponds) since there is little to no ground cover from the drought and yesterday afternoon, while pushing sheets of light rain across the region, they lowered the temperature from 78F to 39F in less than three hours.

Not MY God!


@justawhoaman I am sorry to hear of this loss. Topsoil is valuable and economically irreplaceable. I am waiting for the hammer to hit here, be it flooding or freezing.


Does anyone remember the good old days when we could watch the news make its 50/50 call on the weather and still believe it?

20 years ago I was in a serious debate with a professor friend who had a complete meltdown because I rejected his superior knowledge and scientific formulas on the validity of climate change. Not to be a Luddite, especially following these wonderful scientific insights, but for me it was quite simple. From the beginning they falsified data (hockey sticks, manipulation of heat sensors, etc.) That was for me the beginning and the end of the discussion. And still is. My rational and capable scientist friend found this inadequate and teetered on a violent eruption.

As a consequence, I have never been moved by any argument made by these criminals. It was clear even then, and especially after deep dives on Obama’s science advisor Cass Sunstein - global warming was always code for depopulation.

So the question is: Do we do ourselves a disservice by getting into over much equational mud when the most direct and damning evidence is to be found in their fraud? Do we in fact empower the charlatans by debating on their terms?

Perhaps the word liar is enough when coupled with “Depopulation agenda” and the now apparent “Land Grab” themes that have emerged.

OK, I guess I am a Luddite. A software developing, algorithm-writing one, but a Luddite all the same.

PS. I know how some of the game works. I’ve designed s/w for government agencies (and still do). In one Quality Control app designed for monitoring department efficacy, I was specifically asked (required) to alter the algorithms in such a way that the results were significantly more positive. And in another for the feds, to remove entirely the QC features I built into the system to ensure accuracy and compliance. I can assure you that we have probably never had good reports on anything. And that was when we still believed the government wasn’t an agent for satan.


Somebody wanted to smoke out the pervasive drug cartels, that have taken a stronghold of Acapulco for years now. That’s all. Did they get too independent from their masters (read Langley boys)?


It has been raining, to greater or lesser degrees, for three days straight in east Texas.


Similarly here we literally went from Summer/warm autumn to cold autumn literally within a few hours… no gradualism about it. Someone flipped a switch, and the season changed on a dime.


The potential connection between Chinese, South American, and Mexican organized crime, along with the rumors of Chinese military bases near the Mexican coast, could be relevant. Additionally, the significant humanitarian crisis could be exploited to further weaponize mass migration northwards. The responsible faction capable of weather modification remains unclear.


October 30, 2023
El Pais

The banks respond. . .
Acapulco remains a war zone. Without groceries, electricity, internet, or money, the Bank of Mexico in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Banjercito and the Association of Banks of Mexico have implemented the “bill plan” in Acapulco, Guerrero, in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Otis. Damage is estimated at more than $15 billion. The Ministry of Finance has explained that no commissions will be charged for the withdrawal of cash.

Hill notes: There are a lot of competing factions in the State of Guerrero interested in cash withdrawls besides the victims.

The Government and banks implement the ‘banknote plan’ to bring money to Guerrero after Hurricane ‘Otis’ :arrow_down:



I’ve wondered the same thing. For my part, I don’t bother discussing suspicious events – or obvious media lies – with those who uncritically swallow the official dogma about history or current events. I’ve found a lot of people have a quasi-religious faith in official narratives. That kind of faith is usually impervious to logic, reason, or evidence. Challenging that type of belief just makes people angry.

On the other hand, it can be interesting to investigate or speculate about the details of how the powers-that-be pull off their shenanigans . . . or crimes. But only in order to understand how the world works, or to satisfy intellectual curiosity, not to try to convince anyone of anything.


I tend to agree… My speculations in this regard are not designed to persuade those types of people. In general I’ve found them not worth the time trying to convince.


Everyone has their bent and everyone has their gifts. If you find their faith impervious to logic, reason, or evidence, which is almost the definition of faith itself, I can understand why this forum would be a challenge.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1.
I hope you enjoyed this quasi-religious faith moment. LOL!

Back to Acapulco. A coastal area. Gone downhill in recent years. Inlet on the Pacific side. I don’t remember it having good porting topography. Pilar headed to Central America on Pacific side. Hmm. El Salvador. Maybe TPTB are trying to stop something, take it out of commission, or, trying to ‘push’ something in a different direction? IDK.

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I am no bible thumper, but if faith is “nothing but things hoped for” without free will, logic, reason and evidence, I’d call it programming.

The people I know with big faith’s are big on all those atributes in contrast to the “official narratives” goers.

Of course. Pick out half the phrase, leave out the word EVIDENCE, this is typical.

To Others Interested in Acapulco:

The places Pilar is striking and landfall of Otis could be Immigration routes.
US Citizens getting upset at free flow of illegals and Joe can’t announce a complete halt.
Maybe their routes can be destroyed and buy Joe more time to shut them down, or, come up with another excuse? Either pushing them or blocking them.