Klaus Schwab's Nazi Ties

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Connecting the dots with the Swiss, the British Crown (City of London, former Templar stronghold and sovereign banking hub), world leaders and the powerful European houses is not new, but a stretch for some. The common thread I see is the Knights Templar, that found Switzerland, that at one time had part of Germany to its North, perhaps including Ravensburg, and that sought to take over all the royal houses of Europe largely through its vastly wealthy banking enterprises. Disbanded but not defunded, they infiltrated and took over free masonry and other secret societies operating within and outside of Christianity. Today we have extra government organizations such as the committee of 300, Bilderbergs, CFR, RIIA, etc, that choose the cabinets of governments and policies but few have heard of the Pilgrim Society of Britain and US relations that the article mentions. I would defer to yet another link for that, but be warned. It is like one big rabbit hole of a run on sentence that tries to connect the dots across the modern West.

Here we have the 4th Reich of Martin Borman with all his corporate start ups working under the umbrella of the big “combines” or merged corporate fascist industrialists. It ties much more than “Germans” to this plot and whose people were perhaps actually one of the greatest victims of the 20th century next to the Russians.

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