Lightning strikes Christ the Redeemer, pic below


I’m surprised it wasn’t hit before, assuming it hasn’t been.

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What about this cloud in Ohio?

Or this one in turkey right before a earthquake killed 24,000 ppl?

Reptilians making their move folks…

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put a zero behind that number…

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Let’s all quietly forget the Syrian death toll, shall we?

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Clearly that is not what I was implying, and if you think it was you must really imagine the worst in random people on the internet.

Would you be saying I was ok with the syrians who tragically died in the earthquake? If so, honestly, I find that incredibly offensive.

When I initially heard the story turkey was the country I saw mentioned… I did not realize the terrible impact it had in Syria as well.

So I’m not going to just sit back and be slandered, I don’t play those games.

i believe bcnick lived with the possibility of online applied sarcasm… not bad blood.


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In 2014 a lightning strike damaged a thumb of this statue.

Impressive photograph this!


Accusing me of slander is not helping anyone. Ad hominem attacks are NOT on.
My terse way of putting the case in for Syria was merely a reference to how mainstream propagandamedia, as well as "main"stream altmedia, is playing this story out.

Apologies. I was having a bad night last night with something personal and wasn’t in a great mood.

Don’t message while angry… Lesson learned

All the best.

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How about the George Floyd wall being hit by lightning?!! :face_with_monocle:

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