Man donates mom's body, then discovers it was sold!


And that pretty much sums up the modern human experience. Never mind it reads like the back cover of a 1939 comic horror mag.
Woke son wants to do the right thing. Makes him feel good inside. Donate has a ring to it a ring of ritiousness. Like the Catholic Church telling us redemption is possible but not allowing joe Di and Marilyn Monroe marry inside because one was divorced lol lol only photos at their church lol lol no marriages no forgiveness nothing “Jesus” only gay socialism hypocrite logic on display, shrouded in a sense of retribution and anti Christian sentiment. Punish thy flock lol lol really it’s happening every Sunday. US military needs real bodies to blow up, dead ones, elderly sick ones? Where’s the humility? Sanity? Sense of value? It tells us our leaders are just nazis in red white & blue. The money has to be the burn the rub. A non profit that rounds up dead old sick bodies, scams their family into thinkin they can cure diseases with their dead family members carcass and once they abscond with it, they auction off the darn thing to uncle Sicko’s, army and so they blow it up? Pretty god dang sick worse than Fauci’s Beagles. Snoopy was at least micro helpful in learning something that may make a human rich!! Right so that’s ok too bad we can’t feed livestock Beagles right?! Fauci would have us all on planet mask dining on filet of snoopy for sure! lol one look at him and suicide becomes attractive. If Fauci sat in front of me in school, I’d have spent the whole day, flicking his huge Mickey Mouse ears til they turned blue, pasting sticky notes on his socially stunted arse. IM AN IDIOT, slapped to his backside. Spit wads the whole shabang, yah youd be copying his homework lol lol typical, doctors are the most needy of guidance in our society, I’ve never met one I’d let operate on me not a single weirdo, and I’ve run out of time. The moment the patient goes under, a party of psychotics begins in every operating room on the globe, one cell phone left on record thru one procedure, and the entire world erupts into a realization of the false reality that is their medical scam industry. Half of all operations are unsuccessful. “Prove” me wrong? Oh the data is not available and it’s source is government? Lol lol you drink it. What’s really going on??? In America’s hospitals….probably “coma” type operations…

This is one reason why I am against organ donation as well. The US is one of the FEW countries allowing desecration of bodies. Europe does not allow this and neither do most Asian countries. This field is so For Profit almost entirely. It is exploitation of people who generously want their deceased to have a final contribution to the living. In addition, there is reason to believe there IS ABUSE of people in crisis who have indicated organ donation. BTW, Washington State just opened a Human Compost operation.

The Gates Aborted Baby Parts Industry kinda makes you wonder whatever became of all those little tonsils … Grisley.