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I thought I would begin this week’s blogs with an unusual departure from my normal routine of blogging about one or two specific articles that people have sent, but rather to blog about a whole slew of articles about the recent Maui fires. My aim here is not to be comprehensive, because there are -…


Thank you, Dr. Farrell. This is an excellent collection of relevant links.

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And now an earthquake as well….what a coincidence! Can’t wait for part 2! Rendela W

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[Hawaii] What is the truth about the Maui wildfires? Voices of the people of Lahaina [Yukihisa Oikawa [-BREAKING-] Multilingual subtitles available

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What REALLY happened? Did the fires end quickly? Is Maui a no-fly zone? Who is “dead” and “missing”?? And how many actors are being used instead of real people???

Intriguing Observation By Pilot On Recent Maui Fires –
Citizen Watch Report

Any FAA-knowledgable people here willing to comment?

Who has boots on the ground AND is trustworthy??


Don’t know if they have the answers you seek, but they are two activists on Maui. Bruce Douglass doesn’t have a website for that - he builds homes - but he has followed geoengineering for 15 years & says there were anomalies about wind patterns east of Maui the day of the fires.
He says the hurricane was too far away to have an effect, but there were cymatic wind patterns to the east of Maui (Gizan Sharick knows what these are) as the fires started up, which he says he’s never seen in years of watching chemtrails patterns (he does believe in weather modification as potential factor, says there was a strange haze in the air days before the fires, even noted in Oahu.
The other is Paul DesLauriers Overcoming Corporate Rule: A Success Story

They have fought Monsanto on Maui; apparently Hawaii Electric is owned by an investor group out of Florida - and HE was warned of mismanagement potentially causing fires in the recent past.
And yes, they say airspace has been shut down over the area - they couldn’t even use a drone to start investigating what happened.


One question my friends in HI are asking is who was the ‘policeman’ who blocked people in vehicles from going through on Front St.? Did anyone know him? No name has been given. One policeman? Even if police vehicles were blocking the way, why didn’t they just ram them to get through? Answer: Too much Aloha.


Looking at the early drone footage, I notice a large vehicle blocking the cars from escaping on the road next to the harbor, where supposedly many people died in their vehicles, burnt with enough heat to leave only the skeletons. If this is true, perhaps the term “holocaust” would not be an exaggeration. Was this also a sacrifice, a burnt offering, to some pagan god such as Moloch of The Bohemian Grove?


@1:26: The reporter states “…on August 8th, it was wind, whipped up by a hurricane 500 miles offshore that showed no mercy.”

Gee, I thought they had backed off the “distant hurricane winds” story, yet here it is again. Ridiculous.

@12:13, the reporter and firefighter go back to the street scene where “The Stand” took place. A file photo of the engine was shown to convey the vehicle size.

Reporter: “Those ashes in front of us, are the outline where fire consumed what was once Engine One…”

Surviving firefighter: “After we left, it [the fire] was hot enough and bad enough to burn the engine.”
Reporter: “To nothing.”
Surviving firefighter: “Yeah.”

There is no mass in front of them, just ash and small debris. The reporter describes the former firetruck in such a way to convey that it was fully consumed by the fire; nothing left but what is seen in the photo above. Was the remnant truck towed away or was it truly consumed by the fire? If the former, then the reporter skewed the story. If the latter, then the reporter missed the much bigger issue of how that much mass could be destroy by a wildfire alone.

Either way it is obvious to me “firetruck consumption” is a most unnatural phenomenon and like much of what burned Lahaina, it was from directed energy of some sort.


Dr. Farrell posted his typically thorough analysis in the second part of this thread (Post 16403) in which many routine factors were considered (e.g., weather, conditions, utilities, possible ignition sources, etc.), as well as less obvious ones like land use, smart meters and directed energy weapons. This two-part post was very informative, objective and well organized.

My only disagreement was his conclusion in which he cites that, outside of poor land management practices, the role of possible directed energy weapon use was lumped in with all remaining factors as being exacerbating and contributory. I contend that only directed energy weapons could have caused such widespread and incredibly severe destruction that day. Remove directed energy and there would be no topic here on GDS because the damage would have been a fraction of what it became. Yes, there would have been burned homes and businesses, but not evaporated ones. The crew of Engine One would have had a much different story to tell and unlikely to have merited a 60 Minutes report.

With COP28 looming, a compelling human-interest story is a great way to plant phrases and concepts in the public’s mind. I am very surprised we weren’t subjected to the monotonous climate change gong ringing every few minutes.

Thank you @thebeaver for posting.


I did not want to post the 60 Minutes story behind Dr.'s conclusion.

I guess you need to add a DEW premium to get any compensation :slight_smile:

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I don’t even think that would help. The property is too valuable to TPTB.

I’m considering investing in DEW Derivative Bonds now. Perhaps even DEI Derivatives, too.


Don’t forget your ESG Derivatives.


Just a confirmation of what we all knew was gonna happen.
The MSM is silent and predictable as usual.


This looks like some kind of terrestrial kit …but its a fire - starter. Unexplained UFO Sightings over Ryan Mountain in California | Latest UFO 2020 (


Weren’t they saying something about blue roofs?

“One home sitting there because it had the right roof in it” out of 30 homes that burned. Very odd and telling statement.

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