NazIsrael McDonalds Foodbank

so people. share this to all around the globe… jews are getting strangled in the first place.

this is in beth-shemesh. coming to the next drive-in to you…


Thanks for sharing this… Someone I know recently posted an article stating that McD’s would not hire anyone who had ever held crypto, I could not find the original article…

But I was thinking about Israel and their Vax x programs the other day. And I wondered… what if their Va x x lots were just saline? I just can’t imagine with such a large population with close survivor relatives from the Nazi death camps that so many would just line up… Usually they take good care of each other and are very health conscious. And then I let my mind wander…

If their shots are saline, they would survive. And be one of the surviving nation states. What if it has been pre-determined that certain nation states will survive? Is the US one? maybe…just cull a few million first… ? Just a crazy thought… but it stays with me for some reason. So I tend to trust it on some level. As when this happens, my experience tells me there is some truth to the wondering…


Yeah I heard it already few times that Israel is not giving the true toxic vaccine to its population!

And they keep on boostering like mad to tell the world,s ee we booster & booster & the keepon the mass propaganda train going on.

Especially the jews (And I am not talking about the real orthodox or hasidic jews) who have already complete crazy laws & opinions about any usual stuff, would let one experimental coctail after the other to be pump up into their bodies! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:
No fkin way!
I read that even when the zionist Psychopath Jared Kushner was working in the white house, he is so jewish orthodox, that he did even not telephone or use any technical equipment on fridays, also He also his family was not allowed to use this on fridays.

i already saw an hour long docu on vax-hurt ppl from israel, and i already gave like 20,000 spins about that in the thought-processor - whaetever that is -, and i am inclined to think that they get the same noodles.
no exemption from mister globalooney. no exemption. jews got used by the hand, again. and war is unfolding right before r eyes

dont forget that rules r for children, games and slaves
war and love know no rules, and thats called a gamechanger
and if u read something about jared, it was so, because he wanted to…

I agree. Israeli inhabitants are as much victims as the rest of the world and prone to whatever batch is dispersed. Humanity as a whole is under attack. I live in a street amongst primarely elderly all vaccinated and thus shunned to the 10 meter zone. I don’t see and or hear much of sideeffects. So, are they exempt or special too? I doubt it.

For me it is right up there with it is the masons or vatican or jews ect. Some seem to need a well defined culprit.

Remember our information pipeline is filled and emptied as needed to produce a narrative.
Exercise critical thinking and reasoning before drinking from the well.
If something was done once without consequences nothing will prevent a reoccurrence.


My family of over twenty years were Jewish. And I know they would not easily comply. And I watched a great interview with a camp survivor in Israel, who said “DO NOT COMPLY, this is like the camps…” But what if we just think of this in terms of nation states? Which are the most compliant nation states? Does anyone know?

CAF and JPF were discussing distribution of lots (I think this is where I heard it…), and speculating about how this might be meaningful or is curious. As noticed above, some communities have zero injuries and others have many, So I wonder. And I don’t have all the data available to evaluate clearly about VA XX injuries in other countries, or even in my own… But I trust Childrens Health Defense reporting. And so trust we have a 40% increase in deaths because of the Va x x ed, per insurance data. So could we expand the “lots” theory to nation states? In terms of a war setting? Just wild speculation…

You all already know why I think Israel is pushing the real jab as fast as they can.
“Whomever gets there first, wins.”

not that wild. even the different batches r distributed in coordination with the other producers! they already got caught on that. so they roll out their own experiments in synchrony. they r smart in these things, one has to admit.

Per RJK Jr. In an interview posted here, he told Trump to open up the vaccine data base for real scientific analysis to determine vaccine damages. It contains data of vaccine lots and who got what. Access and his appointment as Vaccine Czar was denied when Pfizer donated a million bucks to Trump’s “coronation”. Plus their lobbyists were appointed to high level decision making positions. How’s that for transparency and in your face corruption?

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oh, boy. catch this:
after our national folkhealthcare center’s (CDC here, but state authority) new ‘commendation’, getting over covid doesn’t mean that u r ‘immunized’.

published yesterday as well i think. happy times, bumpy ride


Yes, I saw that video with RFK Jr…Politics and medicine or politics and Big Pharma are a dangerous mix. When encountering such a mix, there is very little to rely upon for analysis.

I did an informal canvassing of churches in a smaller bedroom community (suburb) of Seattle yesterday. there were roughly 29 churches of many denominations. I wanted to see how many were focused on politics, related to the last 2 years propaganda and war effort, and how they dealt with C 19 mandates, we are a blue state, and our gov has ambitions for the white house. So it has been very intense,

The two Catholic Churches I used to have respect for, require proof of vaccination, to attend services. All the Episcopalian churches required Proof of Vax and masks and were very rigid. Christian Science churches required Proof of va x and masks, which surprised me. Quaker Churches we’re either closed or required masks and distancing, and had very woke written directives on behavior. Their focus on the sacred was very diminished. Congregational churches had strict C 19 requirements to attend, and strong woke focus, without and focus on advancing in your understanding of Christianity—the sacred was gone. That left out of 29 churches only one who did not mention C 19, focused on service, the sacred, and studying Scripture. It is interesting as the churches have turned away from their core over the past decades. But C 19 and wokism has helped it to become more visible. In this community, the church buildings stil stand and serve community activities. And bow to political,powers. Interesting.

Three Jewish Synagogues I checked, in the area of Seattle, did not mention C 19 restrictions. And focused on faith. Curious.

Would be curious what others are finding in their areas.


the priests of our church (reformed ‘calvinist’ church, second in souls) in the county are 90% percent vaxxed. and as i see, scared to the marrow of what is here and to come. dark clouds, dark winter. the pope is a propagandist, the dalai lama went with it as well, all hells breakin’ loose.
these so called pastors led their flock to the slaughterhouse. they were warned. did not heed.
due to the rolling death juggernaut, the so called traditional christendom will fall apart in few months-years from now. because of health concerns, they committed suicide. they simply die out. nobody goes, because nobody lives. raw as it gets.
Read Hosea 4:6.


2 weeks to flatten the stomach?


Small Lutheran LCMS, old world type, down by the RR tracks, also has limited Hispanic ministry. After allowed to re-open, no jab or mask requirements, although some elderly do wear masks, majority do not. Some jabbed, some not. We shake hands, Communion each week, communal cup offered, no distancing. Prayer for those who have Covid. Deterioration of freedom is spoken about from the pulpit. Pipe organ, trumpet, singers, traditional music. Truly a gem of a little, country church.


do not let the silver lining…


just one question. where does this message lead?

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@kalamona Well here in my state these pop up testing tents are a scam for? The article states identity fraud but I wonder if it’s to pad that Data. Who’s to say someone got your identity before and used it at a legit testing tent. Just a thought.