New Update 1/7: JPF health updates from DeHart

Scott DeHart has joined Giza and is able to post updates here now. This is copied from under the “Donation for Joseph” discussion, so perhaps go there for more info or just watch for posts from JPURCHAS on the forum…

"Hello all,
I was asked to join in on the kind efforts of benevolence towards Joseph. I trust most of you know that he & I are more like brothers than friends, we have co-authored several books going back to Genes, Giants…; Transhumanism; etc., as well as JPF writing the forward to Shelley Unbound (my book on Frankenstein).

As I glanced at some of the debate as to which way to move forward, it is not a decision I feel qualified to make. I will speak to Joseph today (Deo Volente) and ask for his opinion so that he may have the final word. At that point if you’d like to give, you will know his mind. I suspect right now he will be most grateful for your care and prayers.

He IS home today and is now resting with his favorite comforter, Shiloh, his dog. I think she was happier than even he upon being home!

Joseph has a long long slow recovery ahead but he might soon be able to make limited contributions to this community he cares so much for.

More to come after I speak with him.
SD deHart"

For those who don’t use Facebook, here are copies of the updates from Scott DeHart posted there:

(FYI, This is KC in TX on the chats, not sure why it says Kitzy.)

Here are a couple of newer updates from early today:

Two new posts:

13 hrs ago posted by Scott DeHart:

thank you for those words. We have all known Joseph as family for decades, he was in many ways my mentor as I went to off to Oxford shortly after he finished. He is a brother to me and uncle to my children. It has been emotional but I also know he wanted all to know what was happening … and as it turned out, we were on the phone together when all this began! Frightening.

14 hrs ago posted by Scott DeHart:


I spoke with Joseph a couple of times yesterday. He is “well” considering the very serious heart attack he had. Almost 90% of people die from one such as his. He is MOST grateful for your prayers and well wishes.

He is still without any means to communicate to you but he expressed his thoughts of thankfulness for everyone’s patience with him as he has a slow difficult recovery ahead.

He “might” be home soon but still very much on bed rest for a time. I hope that the next communication is directly from Joseph to you (as does he).

He sends his love.

Previous posts:

15 hours ago (so would be afternoon of the 5th)

Joseph went into surgery earlier today. He was in a very dangerous condition but he is well, recovering, and I’m sure would appreciate your continued prayers & respect of his privacy during the recovery. I spoke with his sister, we are all so relieved today.

IF I get more news I will post updates.

Thanks for all of my sons & their mother (Nancy) for helping with Joseph, Shiloh, and being present with him through this VERY serious episode.

Thank you all for your prayers.

22 hrs ago (mid-day ish on the 5th)

In response to the question on whether he has anyone with him during this time:

he does, my family in Tulsa has been with him since this began yesterday while he & I were speaking on the phone. They are very close, basically as family to him for decades, in my sons case, since they were born he has been as an uncle. Many will remember Bennett living with me and Joseph in Victorville.

Early yesterday (the 5th)

Talked to Joseph.

He wanted me to update all of you based on current information.

He is in the ER.

The doctors suspect heart attack & congestive heart failure. They are running tests all morning so I’m waiting for confirmation from him of results.

He appreciates your prayers profoundly.

Speaking as perhaps his oldest friend and nearest brother, please just pray. He won’t be seeing posts or emails for quite some time. His privacy is important as well. At every minute with his consent only I will update and speak with Daniel his web tech about communicating to his followers and friends.

We can limit rumors and respect him best by allowing him to recover and share the news by his own means. For now, it will be me on his behalf.

Also early on the 5th:


To all of Joseph’s friends and followers: he is not seeing your posts at this time but he appreciates your prayers and asks for continued prayer & positive thoughts. I will post an update when it is possible (& provides accurate information with Joseph’s consent only).

JPF’s original FB post from the 4th:

Folks I may not be able to do the vidichat this week… suddenly sick… need prayers


You have my prayers too Joseph. You will be home with your beloved Shiloh soon.


Thank you KC for the updates! I am not a farcebook member.


@Kitzy Thank you so much!


Thanks so much for the updates!

My daily prayers for his speedy recovery continue.


Thanks for this information and all updates are welcome.

I wish you Dr Farrell to recover as quickly as possible from this difficult episode.


Keep strong Joseph.
My thoughts and a big hug from Serbia.


Thank you so much, KC!


Thank you for this update, I am just seeing this now having missed it on Facebook - praying for a full recovery, I am glad he got to the hospital in time.


This update is very welcome. Joseph has been in my thoughts since I heard the news. I continue to pray for Joseph in these difficult times.


I am glad Dr. Farrell is doing well. We need him. Plus it’s going to get real interesting and he’s not going to want to miss it.

Is someone looking after Shiloh. That would give him great peace of mind. If I lived closer she’d be here.


PS been punted off StalkBook for posting a meme that equated Maddog Trudeau the Younger to Hitler.


Welcome Kitzy, and heartfelt thanks for sharing!
Ongoing prayers continue!


Our prayers and best wishes for prompt recovery Joseph.


Thanks so much KC, relieved by your report on Joseph’s condition. Glad he is surrounded by loving family and in good hands. Prayers are continuing …


Thank you very much for the post. I don’t visit here as much as I have in the past and FakeBook even less so I very much appreciate the explanation for why Joseph has been MIA on the blog. Prayers for him and for his close friends who have been there for him. ( It is often just as difficult to be the “watchers”.)

May you all heal quickly!


Thank you v. much KC in Texas for the updates. We all wish Joseph speedy recovery.



all very best



Greetings KC, thank you for the update. I appreciate it.
Dr. Farrell remains in my daily prayers.


Oh no.this was so sad news.
Will pray for him and his speedy recovery.
I take note of how many ppl unvaccinated that experience heart problems these days.
god bless him and his health

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Nice try but sorry no cigar or did you get vaxed and unvaxed mixed up?