Last weekend in the “honourable mentions” I included a fascinating article about Bunny, the talking dog. Bunny is a dog that uses a special apparatus that consists of buttons on the floor that she can press with her paws. Pressing a particular button will produce a particular word. The disconcerting thing is that Bunny has…


This is one of the most astounding thiings that i heard in the last 20 years.

Animals can pose philosophical questions? I will have much more respect for them from now on.

That one about the little bird saying “I will be a good bird” is really a shocker. The bird understood the meaning of the words, if it can understand the meaning, so it can have complex thinking, wich means that is not different from a human being, except for the bodyly form.


Could the human in the equation be just a catalyst to release latent abilities?
There are the stories about animals being raised by other species and start displaying the behavior of the other species.
I believe we all have seen a video where people make comments like, “the dog thinks its a goat” being raised on a farm and starts acting like one of the other farm animals.
The situation reversed is quiet fascinating too and could give some insights on what is really going on.
Sooo, many questions. Is it just mimicry? with the goal to get another treat.
or is it even more out there? an attuning of consciousness and awareness of two species by proximity alone. An animal riding the human wave length.


“Surely the fate of human beings is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath ; humans have no advantage over animals. Everything is meaningless.”

Ecclesiastes 3:19

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I agree with this high octane speculation. I will take this one step farther. If we are entering a period of “revelation(s)”… then it could be surmised that a ratcheting up of the awareness on the planet (entire solar system?) would also include other expressions of life. IMO not only are the animals leveling up … so are the rest of the species in the solar system (including our cousins on the moon, mars, and other moons). A reaction to our shifting from one yuga to the next as we ascend into an area above the galactic plane and receive stronger emanations from Hunab Ku. IMO this is what the El-ites and the Archons they worship are truly afraid of. The fact that humanity as a whole will become much more “psychic” and connected. I think this “connection” via the informed field will grow stronger from human to human as well as between humans and nature in general. Revelations always comes before Genesis in the great cycles of inundation and conflagration. Our parallels to the story of Noah are sundry.


Fascinating blog post! I shared this with several people.

I have long thought that dogs understand more than we think…


Research has shown that smart dogs recognise 200+ words. I was astounded when my Alsatian pup sat and watched me prepare a seed bed in my garden. I cleared the area and then, standing on a plank of wood, sowed the seeds. As a reward for her being good we played “catch ball”; it accidentally landed on my new patch. Sadie ran to retrieve it and I yelled at her to keep off. She gave me a withering look as though to say “Mum, I’m not on the patch, I’m on the plank”.

Another time I landed in a ditch with no way to get out: she immediately came forward, let me grab her collar and pulled me out. As I always say: its the humans who need training.


Took my red heeler dog with me to the grocery store today. Upon my return I took her for a walk around the parking lot grass. When we went back to the vehicle she refused to jump in the back seat as usual. I asked her to jump in, she refused, so I picked her up and put her in the back seat. She’s been avoiding me since we got home…normally she’s all lovey dovey… I think I am in the dog house now!


Thank you for this post. I have long been fascinated with what prominent thinkers have written about the emotional lives of animals. When I was younger, I bordered on atheism, thanks to our school system (and university science classes). What pulled me out of that was an increasing reverence for nature and animals. No religion has brought me so close to feeling like being in the presence of profound and sacred connection with a divine being, or God. Whenever I look into an animal’s eyes (regardless of species), or listen to his or her voice, I feel that I’m in the presence of a fully conscious sacred being, some kind of magnificent creation, and it leaves me full of awe. This sense of divine presence has also extended to what I feel in a forest surrounded by trees and other plants – some mystical and sacred essence emanating through these living creatures.

On the back cover of Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson’s book: “When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals” (https://www.jeffreymasson.com/books/when-elephants-weep.html) is a quote: “Alex, an African grey parrot with an astonishing vocabulary who, when left at the veterinarian’s office, shrieked, ‘Come here! I love you. I’m sorry. I want to go back.’” This reminds me of your parrot story!

Jonathan Balcombe, in his blog on the animal power of video, makes an interesting remark when he gets to the (3rd) video about orcas who imitate boat noises – he wonders (as do I) if orcas are bothered by the noise of boats and try to communicate their irritation with the boaters: The Animal Power Of Video - Jonathan Balcombe (I could well understand their irritation, as I am very sensitive to noxious sounds).


… along these same lines see Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior by Temple Grandin (2005) and The Evolution of Intelligence: Are Humans the Only Animals with Minds? by James Fetzer (2005)


I know the feeling… earlier this summer I had to have a big old tree in my front lawn cut down after a bad storm… but it broke my heart to cut it down after such a long life… it was like losing an old friend. As for Alex, what can I say. When I go out of the house and return, I’m always greeting by such happiness and excitement from my dear little Shiloh. So, yes, I think the mechanistic view we’ve operated under for so long is just plain wrong. Oddly, I think our ancestors knew it was wrong, and they knew it because of having to slaughter animals for food.


Same thing happened to us in Oak Park. The tree predated the Victorian carriage house. Houseful of musicians, all of us, had to plug our ears from the brutal killing sound of chain saws and the sight of the death, limb by amputated limb, from balconies. Grown men took to their beds from shot nerves and primordial grieving, barely able to play that night’s performance at the Chicago Symphony…


It brings home that quotation of Robert Louis Stevenson about that “emanation from old trees”…


I have become convinced that we’ve been fed monstrous lies (by the “ruler” establishment) about having to kill animals for food. I don’t believe that need-to-kill narrative at all, and have been stymied about the question: If we don’t need to eat them, then why has our entire world culture been organized around killing, especially against one of the biblical commandments “Thou shalt not kill”?

Jim Mason (attorney) probed this question, deeply, in his (fascinating) book An Unnatural Order: The Roots of Our Destruction of Nature, and examined how the ruling class pulled off creating a society that is structured around killing, through psychological techniques they used to denigrate animals in order to make it easier for people to carry out the work to keep such a society intact. They are the same techniques used to denigrate other humans in order to get humans to carry out the work of enslaving and killing and oppressing other human beings. Mason couldn’t find a single word to convey his idea, and so he came up with a term he calls “misothery” – that various narratives have been concocted by religions and science and education where animals have come to be seen as inferior to humans, and therefore it’s ok and even necessary to exploit, experiment upon, mistreat, and kill them. In one of his blogs, he explains this misothery concept, and as I read that, I envisioned misothery as being a gargantuan psychological weapon. Misothery: Contempt for Animals and Nature, Its Origins, Purposes, and Repercussions – Jim Mason

One reason I find your books fascinating is that, while you don’t get into my favorite topic (animals), you go very, very deep into how different kinds of knowledge have been hidden, suppressed, manipulated and used to control large masses of people. Part of what you probe is psychological weaponry, and you go back far in history. I think that anyone (like myself) who is thinking about the question of where humanity went off the rails in regards to animals would do well to read all of your books – so as to start thinking about the mechanisms of structures that have been put in place to deceive populations on a mass scale, in order to control aggregate human behavior.

In your Giza Death Star book, you had mentioned the work of cryptologist R.A. Boulay, in his book Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian Past. We pounced on that book when we saw it in a used bookstore, and one part that interested me was where Boulay talked about child sacrifice having been replaced by animal sacrifice (although, I don’t think child sacrifice has ever been completely “replaced” – it has just become more covert than it was in earlier history). There seem to be clues in his book that go back far in time as to why all this blood culture may have arisen, and I have a sense that this culture now seems to be imploding before our eyes.

I feel that we’ve been completely enslaved, and perhaps a way to move out of it, is to come to some understanding of how we’ve been deceived. We have tried, for over twenty years, to break our bonds with the animal part of it (we no longer consume them), and in that process have learned just how very, very deeply we have been shackled to official narratives since our childhoods. Your books have added another dimension to learning about narrative shackles, and I am now getting some glimpse as to the sheer and vast and long enduring extent of mind control operations that have manipulated my own choices (were they even “choices”?) for such a long time in my life. It is mind boggling for me to contemplate all of that.


A coming cosmic storm/reckoning?


Thanks for sharing the information about the Unnatural Order… I am going to look into that book…!

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Our pets today have completely different lives than ever before in history. For the last 40 years (i.e… 4 generations) our pets diets have completely changed… we are now asking pets to use a completely different parts of their brains than they would use in the wilderness… Dogs need language skills, social skills, behavior control skills and communication skills… Even their mating partners are completely different. Now that we spay and neuture our dogs in mass numbers, we have taken away one of their most primitive needs, and rendering part of their brain that is hard-wired for that useless… possibly causing them to use other parts of their brain to find meaning… and since we have taken away the struggle to survive and increased dog’s lifespans… again, maybe they are using different parts of their brain. sitting home alone all day while we work… what part of their brain is being used? …we can also add in emf exposure, vaccines, medications, anti-biotics, smaller pack sizes, gmo foods… I would not be the least surprised if dogs and other pets are adapting much faster than humans and in ways we don’t even know,. We now even given our dog’s anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications these days.


Languages are fascinating, human and animal, and relative to this question, here’s a website that explores them. In this post Teaching animals to be grammatical on NativLang the author asks: Can animals grammar? #2?


I think that’s true in some instances. Animals mimic, especially cats. But I once watched the thinking process of a cat. We had one of those doughnut toys with the ball in the center of the form so the cat could “chase” it. One cat decided that wasn’t his goal of this game. He took the doughnut apart, worked on it for a long time pulling those sides apart, and got the ball out. Ball captured. Game over. Never touched it again.

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